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August Alsina (@AugustAlsina) – Don’t Forget About Me

Def Jam singer August Alsina  closes out the year with release of new video for Don’t Forget About Me directed by Payne Lindsay. Off his EP Downtown: Life Under the Gun, which is out now.

Chance The Rapper On The Cover Of The Source Magazine

Chance The Rapper On The Cover Of The Source Magazine

Chance The Rapper graces appears on the Rookie Of The Year cover of The Source magazine’s latest issue. This issue drops on January 7th.




Your Journey is your journey and no matter how many people want to take the ride with you, ultimately it is yours to take…. On your quest for greatness there will be many people who will tell you what you can and cannot do… They will attempt (with all their might) to tell you that the path you are traveling on is wrong or that you are wasting your time… Always remember: What is for you is for you and no man, woman, child, or circumstance can ever take it away! Believe in yourself and in your decisions wholeheartedly with no reservation and no second-guessing! By all means you MUST try your best to stay away from those who try to belittle your ambition but if that’s not possible always remember your worth and don’t allow their opinion to throw you off course!  Just because someone can’t see your vision doesn’t mean your vision is off! As Ani Difranco once said “They can call you crazy if you fail, but all the chance that you need, is one-in-a-million and they will call you brilliant when you succeed succeed.”


The headphones have flat cables to keep them from tangling, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, sport cushions for better stability for active use, 5 hours of battery life, 3 button remote, and an easy to use charger that simply clips to the earbud when it needs to be recharged.

$100, JBL