adidas Snowboarding Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

adidas’s Snowboarding division has unveiled its latest collection of winter products, with a raw analog-feel lookbook. Channeling the needs of its team of riders, the brand strived to produce some of its moth technically driven product yet, lead by its pioneering BOOST technology. Revamped boots including the Blauvelt, ZX 500 and women’s Mika Lumi now sport dual zone speed lacing systems, with the accompanying range of outerwear styled around the team’s personal tastes. Head over to adidas Snowboarding’s website for a closer look at the gear.

Facebook Launches Rooms App & Re-Invents The 90s Chat Room

Facebook has launched a new app for the iPhone this week, entitled “Rooms.” A new take on the iconic chat room in the 90s, the early of the Internet, this is actually the company’s first step into a field where you do not have to use your real name. While on Facebook itself the real identity has been a key feature of the experience, Rooms allows you to create a space on specific topics and what you say is more important than who you are. A modern take on the chat room, message board or forum, the latest app from the Facebook Creative Labs, Rooms lets you create places for the things you’re into, and invite others who are into them too. You create an Instagram style vertical feed on topics and then an innovative QR-Code invite is send to the people you chose to invite, where people take a photo or screenshot of a Room’s code to gain entry. Get the app now here.

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