24karats x BAPE New Era Snapback Cap


The black wool upper received a gold BAPE head logo embroidery, matching gold New Era logo placement and gets further upgraded with a faux croc brim in matching black. The cap is now available from BAPE stores around the globe.

Set Up Apple TV By Simply Tapping It With Your iPhone Running iOS 7

A recently created official Apple support document that outlines a newly implemented Apple TV setup process is managing to draw quite a bit of attention. It outlines on how to set up a third-generation Apple TV unit by using an iOS 7 running device by a simple tap.

It was originally thought that Apple would utilize their new iBeacons technology at one point in time in their new hardware. Instead they chose to subtly reference the technology on multiple slides at WWDC and hinted at the fact that they see it being an extremely important part of their products in the future. The newly created support document runs the user through the processes involved in using an iOS 7 running device to set up an Apple TV puck, but it does not use the iBeacons technology which Apple highlighted at WWDC, instead they’re using Bluetooth Low Energy for the whole process.

To be able to go through the process, the user must have a third-generation Apple TV running iOS 6.0 or above. They must also be in possession of a device running iOS 7 or above. The extremely handy process allows the user to transfer a bunch of information that can abstract a lot of the repetitiveness away from the initial setup of one of Apple’s set top boxes. The main Wi-Fi network information, iTunes Store account details and language and region format preferences can all be transferred across to the black box with minimal fuss.

Apple TV iOS 7 setup

Although the process will more than likely prove to be extremely popular with those who hate entering in details over and over again, but it is worth noting that it will only work with a Bluetooth Low Energy based device, as we mentioned before at the start of this article.

Also, keep in mind that a range of old hardware isn’t supported. A third-gen Apple TV is a must, like we mentioned, and Apple has pointed out that the following devices will only be supported: iPhone 4s or above, 3rd-gen iPad or above, the iPad mini or the 5th-gen iPod touch.


The ability to configure an Apple TV using an iOS device isn’t exactly going to separate Apple from the competition, but it’s great to see them actually doing interesting things with Bluetooth Low Energy and embracing the technology. Head over to the source link below to get a step by step guide on how to set up the whole thing.


Air Jordan X Retro Steel

Set to drop October 12 is the Air Jordan X Retro in the OG Steel colorway. Originally released in 1994, the last time the Jordan X Retro Steel was seen in stores as 2005.

Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) – Nirvana (Acoustic)

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith is back as he letting loose a new visual and acoustic version of  his new single called Nirvana. This single is featured on Same latest EP titled Nirvana , which is available right now.

Papoose (@Papooseonline) Speaks on Kendrick Lamar’s BET Cypher

Kendrick Lamar’s BET Cypher for the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards recently made its round that had many speculating whether it was for Drake or Papoose. Papoose choose to speak on it during a recent interview XXL Mag:

After hearing a preview of Kendrick Lamar’s BET Cypher for the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards airing on October 15th, the hip hop community assumed that Kendrick was taking shots at Drake. Some speculation occurred afterwards however, that K. Dot may have been aiming his lyrics towards Papoose instead. Either way, Pap had some choice words for Kendrick during his sit down with XXL. Read a portion of the interview below.

So you saw the Kendrick clip that came out from the BET Cypher?
Yeah, yeah, I was hearing about it a lot, and then when I actually clicked on that, I couldn’t believe that that was what everybody was making a big deal out of.

What was your reaction?
Oh, it was comical, man. I laughed.

A lot of people said he was going at you.
I agree with the people, I looked at the majority and they were saying he was going at me. So I agree with the listeners, I agree with the fans. They say majority rules, so I agree with the majority.

You’ve gone back at Kendrick in the past with a verse. Are you planning on that this time?
Yeah yeah, he can’t f**k with me. He’ll never be able to shine my shoes, lyrically. So I’m just gonna be able to continue to prove that, to show and prove, like I did on “Control.” This is hip-hop, I love hip-hop, but I just want to continue to show and prove that he can’t f**k with me lyrically. You can look forward to that in my next release, straight up. I live in the studio, that’s my second home. So yeah, I’m definitely going to respond.

Are you going to wait to hear the full verse?
I don’t gotta wait, he’s very predictable. I already know what he’s capable of and what he’s gonna say; he’s very predictable. I don’t gotta wait. I can go right now and crush that little 15-second sh*t he did. That ain’t even about nothing. The guy’s predictable; he’s a very predictable artist. I already know what he’s gonna say before he even says it.

It kinda seemed like Kendrick had gone through your “Control” response line by line in his verse.
Oh, definitely. Cosmic Kev out in Philly, when he played it, he said the record reminded him of “Ether.” I think that just ate his soul alive; as much as he wanted to take the high road and try to say that he was too much of a big shot to respond, I think it ate him alive and he couldn’t resist.

You think you struck a nerve with him?
Oh, more than a nerve, I struck the entire nervous system. He couldn’t sleep at night, when he opened his freezer he’d see my face, when he closed his eyes…[Laughs] I’m just bullsh*tting. But I think that struck a nerve, definitely. It shook the ground up, let’s keep it real—when I dropped my response, it shook the ground up. You got guys who say, “this response or that one,” but come on, man, my “Control” response has over a million views already. I look around at some of the other guys, they got 300,000 or something like that, you know what I mean? There’s no comparison. Come on.

Mixtape: CJ Fly (@FLYestintheeERA) Thee Way Eye See It

CJ Fly - Thee Way Eye See It

Download: CJ Fly – Thee Way Eye See It

Pro Era’s CJ Fly unleashes his debut project called Thee Way Eye See It. The mixtape comes with 18 tracks with features from Dirty Sanchez, Buckshot, Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, Phife Dawg, Erick Ark Elliot and production is handled by Statik Selektah, Lee Bannon, Cy Fyre, Chuck Strangers, and Cookin Soul.

CJ Fly - Thee Way Eye See It