The New BMW i8 Computerized Car Key

BMW has created this computerized car key for the 2015 i8 plug-in hybrid sports coupe that displays the charge left in the car, the current capable range, when it was charged last and whether it’s locked or not. Also, there’s a spot to dock the key fob in the dashboard of the 2015 i8 hybrid. With all of the qualities of a smartphone built into a key fob, this shows some very revolutionary thinking and design on the part of BMW.

The $125,000 Hermes Bag With Five Feet

The latest creation from the French manufacture that went under the hammer to set the record is the Hermes 32cm Matte Geranium Porosus Crocodile & Black Togo Leather Sellier Kelly Bag with Feet. Auctioned for $125,000, it is crowned as the most valuable Kelly bag ever sold at auction.

Lanvin Leather-Sleeve Bomber Jacket

You can buy it now from MR PORTER.

Vans OTW Ludlow XPerf Pack

vans otw ludlow xperf pack 01 570x425 Vans OTW Ludlow XPerf Pack

R.I.P Hustle Gang’s Doe B

RIP to my lil brother Doe B. We gon miss u my nigga. U’ll never be forgotten & U WILL NOT DIE IN VAIN. We Love U champ. Always. Just rest now my nigga….WE GOT IT From here.
- T.I.

Chanel Sports Accessories

First, there’s the Chanel Football and Basketball by Karl Lagerfeld. They’re only available for $195, each, at select Chanel boutiques.


Chanel Black Snowboard:


Chanel River Raft


Chanel dumbbell


Chanel tennis racket:


Chanel-stamped skis:


Chanel riding whip:


Chanel riding helmet:


Chanel Surfboards:


Chanel clubs:


Chanel boomerang


Chanel eight-person croquet