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You’re The One was a song that many were singing back in 2009.  The single from her debut album, Dondria VS Phatfffat, landed at #14 on the US R&B charts with the album peaking at #9. But after a while the single faded out and no one really heard much from the Texas raised singer.

I had a chance to interview the young and talented artist, and we chatted about her EP, Intermission, her loyalty to Jermaine Dupri and So So Def, and reality show possibilites.

Peep the interview:

You’re currently working on an EP, Intermission. What inspired the tracks and who did you team up with? When does it come out?

All the songs on “Intermission” are based on every aspect of a relationship from beginning to end. So we’re going to laugh, we’re going to cry, we’re going to get angry, forgive, make up, break up, etc… I teamed up with strictly one producer,Feb9Music and one co-writer, AlieonMusic. I don’t like to have too much going on at one time. It will be releasing very soon.

Recently, you were a part of a breast cancer awareness event, here in ATL, how was that?

It was absolutely wonderful. Rafael Cox, an Atlanta designer, brought breast cancer survivors and celebrity spokeswomen to really raise awareness for this disease. I love doing ANY charity work, what kind of woman would I be if I didn’t use my gifts and influence to help others?

At the time you were discovered, YouTube was still fairly new. Was your intention to be discovered or were you just having fun?

I was having fun but looking for an un-biased opinion of my voice. Friends, family, and teachers always told me I had a gift but I was looking for people who would tell the honest-to-God truth and didn’t care what I thought about it.

Even though we haven’t heard new music from you in a few years, were you producing and writing music for others? If so, who were you writing/producing for?

No, I have not been writing or producing for others. I have just started to embrace that talent, believe it or not. I’ve just been focusing on my own projects and honing my gifts; guitar lessons, etc…

Reality TV is definitely a major platform for artists. But whether or not it actually works is another story. Have you been approached to do a show?

Yeah, reality television is a hell of an experience. I have plenty friends that are and have lived in that world. I have been approached by a couple of new, upcoming shows so we’ll see what happens. I’m not in the business of looking a fool in front the world, lol.

I read you’re working on a sophomore album. Why has it taken so long? Did you have any issues that hindered you from working on an album? Such as creative issues/personal issues?

There’s a lot that goes into being an artist and being signed to a label. When I first got signed to So So Def, we were also Def Jam. We have since left Def Jam and are now independent and when you’re independent, everything takes a lot more effort and a lot more time and a lot more MONEY. But the reward is definitely much greater than being with a major label.

I also read that you are still with So So Def and some may wonder why. Why haven’t you changed labels?

So So Def and Jermaine Dupri believe in ME…in Dondria. Everyone else just wants a check off of me and I’ll end up owing them tons of money in the end. I’d much rather stay loyal and know that what God has for me is for me and we can’t rush his timing.

Do you have a title for your new album? When will it be released? Who are you working with on the album? What can fans expect?

I don’t have a title or release date yet. We aren’t even halfway done with it. We’re really taking our time with selecting and creating on this album. It’s a pretty big deal.JDB.CoxJohnta AustinCristyle are of course some of the staples on this album. It’s definitely going to be more mature, a little grown and sexy, while still embodying authentic R&B.

What are some of the biggest challenges dropping your sophomore album?

I think I had more challenges dropping the first album, honestly. With this one, I’m so much more of a perfectionist, and I know exactly what the process is like so I appreciate all the time I’m getting to perfect and create.

A few new artists have emerged since you debuted, what artists would you work with now?

I love Tori Kelly and Jhene Aiko. They are freaking AWESOME!!

 You’re such a beautiful young lady, are you in a relationship? What do you look for in a man?

Why, thank you!! I am currently in a relationship of 7 years. We were together before I got signed.  I look for someone who’s going to challenge me, make me laugh, and teach me things.

What do you say to those that don’t believe you’re relevant because of your hiatus?

The truth is I’m probably not in society’s eyes; I haven’t released original music in years. All I have to say to that is I’m definitely still here and making music and it will most certainly be worth the wait.

At the end of the day, what do you want people to know about Dondria?

That I pride and delight myself  in doing real and authentic R&B. No gimmicks, no tricks, and no auto-tune. Just good ol’ raw talent. That’s what you’ll ALWAYS get from Dondria.

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Young Jeezy‘s CTE (Corporate Thugs Entertainment) has inked a deal with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation.

Rumors surfaced of Jeezy‘s label interest some time ago, but now it’s been made official thanks to a share of the photo above on Hova‘s domain.

We’ll update you with more information if it becomes available.

It’s currently unknown if Jeezy himself is moving to Roc Nation, or just his imprint, or if this is only a management deal.