Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Image of Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Windows VP Joe Belfiore talk about some of the features in Windows 10, like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking. Learn how you can be part of creating the best Windows yet with the Tech Preview and the Windows Insider Program.

Apple to Add Gold Option to iPad

Image of Apple to Add Gold Option to iPad

Apple‘s 9.7-inch iPad Air will be offered up in both gold and silver colors, sources close to the situation have announced. The move comes after the decline of iPad sales over the past two quarters, which the Cupertino tech giant is focused on rejuvenating following the tablet’s $32 billion USD performance in sales last year. This gold and white design seen on the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus will undoubtedly be one of the many new elements added to the iPad Air.

The New Wu-Tang Clan Album Comes in a Portable Speaker


Always looking to create unique experiences for his fans, RZA partnered with us to come up with a novel way to release Wu-Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary album, “A Better Tomorrow.” Forgoing the traditional model of music distribution, we decided to embed several songs from the album directly into a Boombot REX and release the unit before the general album release date.

Units will start shipping November 14th with “A Better Tomorrow Special Play” embedded onto it. The general release of the album will be at a later date. People who purchase this unit will be the first to hear Wu-Tang Clan’s latest installment. Additionally the song “Big Horn B” will only be available through a Boombot REX.

Only 1,000 units will be made available for sale on The other 2,000 units will be available through Zumiez.

The Boombot REX is still a functional Bluetooth speaker and can play music of your choosing.

“There’s something transcendent about being able to physically hold music,” says RZA. “Back in the day, holding a vinyl helped you appreciate just how much time and sweat goes into creating a single track, let alone an entire album. Over the last decade, we’ve lost that sensation. With this project, we hope to strengthen the bond between fan and artist. Boombotix puts the music back in your hands so you can stay connected to your favorite artists wherever you go.”

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