Oakley A Frame 2.0 Snowboard Goggles


Eyewear icon Oakley have unleashed a set of high-tech A Frame 2.0 goggles for those fond of a bit of snow-based action. A leaner design than previous models and with expanded lens volume for maximum peripheral vision, the goggles offer superior comfort thanks to triple-layered foam and a moisture-wicking polar fleece lining. The goggles are available in a plethora of head-turning colorways (47 to be precise) with suitably space-age looking mirrored lenses over at Oakley’s webstore.

wings + horns x Canada Goose “Decade” Parka

the “Decade” combines the timeless silhouette and classic details of a military fishtail parka with the warmth and construction of a Canada Goose jacket. Such details include wax cotton shell, front slant pockets, a quilted interior down lining, front snap closures and a luxurious coyote fur ruff around the hood. Faithful to early military designs but updated to provide ultimate cold weather protection, the “Decade” is available in two colors: black and olive. Produced in Canada, only 300 pieces will be sold in exclusive stores around the globe beginning October 10.

Common Talks Hip Hop’s Greatest Producers J Dilla, Kanye West, & No I.D.

Watch this Common interview where he talks to Nick Huff Barili about working with some of Hip Hop’s greatest producers J Dilla, Kanye West and No I.D. Not only does Common share some of their similarities and differences, but he also tells us stories of working with each of them. As the interview continues Common gives us insight into the inspiration for making the track Rewind That, which is one of our personal favorites from Nobody’s Smiling. Common opens up about living with J Dilla in LA and their close friendship.


“Don’t accept the limitations of other people who claim things are ‘unchangeable’. If it’s written in stone, bring your hammer and chisel.” -Peter McWilliams

Peterson Arrest For Weed Admission

Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Texas, have filed paperwork to have Adrian Peterson’s bail revoked and the Minnesota Vikings running back re-arrested after he told a drug tester that he had recently smoked marijuana before taking a urinalysis test Wednesday.

According to the filing signed by Bill Delmore, the Assistant District Attorney for the state of Texas, Peterson admitted to the worker that he had “smoked a little weed” before the test. Not taking any illegal drugs are common terms to adhere to when out on bond.

“In light of this statement, and the fact that it was made during the urinalysis testing process, and the term ‘weed’ is a common slang term for marijuana, the state argues that the defendant has smoked marijuana while on bond,” the district attorney’s office wrote.

Peterson has been free on $15,000 bond on a charge of felony child abuse. A trial has tentatively been set to begin Dec. 1.

There cannot be any action on the bond revocation or any arrest warrant issued before a hearing is held on whether the judge hearing Peterson’s case should be recused. No hearing has been scheduled and likely won’t happen until next week at the earliest.

Prosecutors have asked that the judge hearing the Peterson case be removed after a remark he made about attorneys.

On Wednesday, Peterson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, urged the public not to “rush to judgment” with his client, who is accused of striking his 4-year-old son with a switch.

Peterson did not enter a plea during Wednesday’s hearing, but Hardin has said his client intends to plead not guilty.

If he is convicted on the child abuse charge, Peterson could face six months to two years in state prison, though he could be placed on probation as a first-time offender. He also could be subjected to NFL discipline under the league’s enhanced domestic violence policy, which can suspend players for up to six weeks.

Peterson has been on the NFL’s exempt/commissioner’s permission list since Sept. 17, and he is receiving his full $11.75 million salary. Yet he is barred from all team activities until his case is resolved.

If the Vikings are going to keep Peterson beyond this year, they will again have to consider the finances, and much more.

He is due to make $12.75 million in 2015 as a 30-year-old running back, and the Vikings would have to count just $2.4 million of dead money against their salary cap if they were to release him.

There’s plenty of rumbling in league circles that if the Vikings did part with Peterson, it would be through a trade rather than a release. While another team would have trouble absorbing Peterson’s contract, that problem could be solved easily enough with an extension that cuts Peterson’s overall salary, provides him some guaranteed money and spreads the cap hit out over several seasons that Peterson might never play.

The Vikings could use a similar approach to manage Peterson’s crushing cap hit — $15.4 million in 2015 — and keep him on their roster. The question is, will they want to?

Rick Pitino Thinks Nike Has Too Much Influence On Recruits

rick pitino nike Rick Pitino Thinks Nike Has Too Much Influence On Recruits

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino isn’t happy about the level of influence that Nike holds over the recruiting process. In an interview earlier today, Pitino spoke at lengths about the difficulties of recruiting on the AAU circuit as a coach at an adidas school, saying “What I personally don’t like is I can’t recruit a kid because he wears Nike on the AAU circuit.” On top of that, Pitino thinks that shoe companies in general need to have less influence over budding athletes, and that parents and coaches should once again become more central pillars of the process. Head to CBS Sports for the full breakdown and let us know your opinion on the matter.

“Nobody wants to talk about it because it’s money-related,” Pitino said. “University of Louisville makes a lot of money from adidas, and other schools. But I think it needs to be cleaned up.”

“It’s a problem that is really prevalent in basketball right now,” Pitino said. “I’m sure the Nike coaches don’t feel that way cause they’re winning the battle.”

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