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Spend 10,000 times as much time and money on your brand as you spend on your logo.

Your logo is a referent, a symbol, a reminder of your brand.

But your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.

Nike spent $250 to buy a swoosh. Probably a little more than they needed to. But the Nike brand, the sum total of what we think and believe and feel about what this company makes–it’s now worth billions.

The swoosh is just pixels.

Microsoft launch gold edition Lumia smartphones

Microsoft has leapt on the bling bandwagon with the launch of a gold edition of its flagship Lumia 930 smartphone, as well as its recently-unveiled Lumia 830.

Lumia-930-goldenAnnounced back in April, the Lumia 930 was one of the first devices announced specifically for Windows Phone 8.1, and already shipped in a number of bright colors, including green, orange, and white.

Now, you can add gold to that list too.

The Lumia 830, on the other hand, was announced just a few months back, and is designed to cater for the mid-range smartphone market.

The phones aren’t entirely caked in gold, however. They will come in black or whte variants, with a gold finishing touch. The Lumia 830 incarnation will be available from next month in Europe, Asia Pacific, China, India, and across select markets in the Middle East and Africa. The price will vary across the boad,

The Lumia 830 Gold is expected to be available in black and white in February. This smartphone can be purchased in select countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and China, and India, the Middle East and Africa. The price will vary by region and network, though for guidance the existing device costs around $430 SIM-free.

Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars Replace Taylor Swift At Number One

After a seven week reign, Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” finally slipped from the number one spot on the Hot 100, bowing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ insanely catchy throwback “Uptown Funk!”.

“Uptown Funk” moves up one notch from number two, where it has been sitting for a little while now. For a time it appeared that Hozier’s Grammy-nominated“Take Me To Church”, which also sat in the runner up spot for several weeks, before eventually sliding to third place, where it currently remains.

The song is the lead single from Mark Ronson’s upcoming album Uptown Special, his first in several years. The record is due next week, and with “Uptown Funk!” only now hitting its stride, the album may perform well, despite him being a lesser-known act here in the States.

Bruno Mars in the video for "Uptown Funk!"Bruno Mars in the video for “Uptown Funk!”

This is Ronson’s first trip as a performer to the top ten, but it’s not even close for Mars, who has sent quite a few songs to the top. In fact, this is his sixth number one single, after “Just The Way You Are”, “Grenade”, “Locked Out Of Heaven” (which was produced by Ronson), “When I Was Your Man”, and his featured role on rapper B.o.B.’s “Nothin’ On You” back in 2010.

Ronson and Mars rising to the top marks the first time a man (or two) has run the Hot 100 in 19 weeks. That length of time ties a previously-set record for how much time women have controlled the penthouse. Taylor herself held the spot for a total of eleven weeks, including seven weeks with “Blank Space” and another four weeks before that with “Shake It Off”, the lead single from her massive 1989 album. As mentioned, because of her one-two punch, Taylor Swift is the only woman in history to replace herself at number one.

Immediately preceding her was Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”, which was the chart leader for eight weeks. Shockingly, “Bass” is still in the top ten, sitting at number six, immediately behind her follow up single “Lips Are Movin’” at number five. In fact, the last time a number one hit had a man behind it was the week of August 30th, when MAGIC! ended their six week reign with “Rude”.

Though she may have ceded the number one spot on the songs chart, Swift’s 1989 album is still ruling on the Billboard 200, where it has racked up an impressive eight weeks in charge. Her album has yet to sell fewer than 200,000 copies in a single week, and just last week it was revealed that in the last tracking week of the year, it bested the Frozen soundtrack to become the best-selling album of 2014.

Video views on Facebook up 75% globally, 94% in the U.S.

The number of videos Facebook users post has skyrocketed over the last year, up 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the U.S., the company said today.

In a blog post this afternoon, Facebook said that huge increase has meant the number of videos in users’ News Feeds has gone up 3.6 times in the last year.

Video is a massive component of what makes its way through the Facebook universe, with more than a billion video views every day since June, the company said. At least half of all Facebook users who visit every day watch a video at least once a day, and 76 percent of Americans who use the social network “say they tend to discover the videos they watch on Facebook.”

These numbers have to be catnip for advertisers and content creators, especially those who are considering where to post their work or their marketing messages. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others are all vying to be the video leader, and for the resulting advertising dollars.

Apple could eliminate almost every port on its next MacBook Air


This year’s MacBook Air is reportedly ditching every port you’ve ever known, except for the headphone jack and a new USB port.

That includes the MagSafe port you’ve been using to charge your laptop for years.

Apple is doing this to make the Air even thinner than it already is.

The reality is that you just don’t need other ports anymore.

An SD card reader and an optical drive would be convenient, but they’re not  must-haves. Streaming has largely replaced buying DVDs and fewer people use heavy DSLR cameras anymore.

We’re guessing the new MacBook Air will use USB Type-C, which is smaller and faster than previous generations. It’s also reversible, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in the right way.

The biggest advantage of USB Type-C is that it can send power in either direction. Previous generations were only able to send power from the host device out to whatever was connected.

That also means Apple would probably create a USB-based charger for its devices.

Apple moving to USB would be annoying for people hoping to use their old chargers, but it could be a good thing in the long run. When USB Type-C becomes the industry standard, you won’t need to by an adapter to another cable to connect your non-Apple devices.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider.

Diplo’s ‘F1ORIDA’ Documentary

Coinciding with the reissue of Diplo’s debut album, Florida, which came out in 2004 on Big Dada – and now features 5 unreleased tracks/versions and a pull out scroll of emails between himself and Big Dada on insight into how the Florida album came to be – there’s also a companion, twenty-minute documentary about the producer/DJ’s early career as well. Titled “F1ORIDA,” it’s directed and edited by Diplo’s friend and former roommate Brian Torres Korlofsky and shows rare footage of Will Ashon and M.I.A. working in Philadelphia.

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