XLARGE x Vans Chukka Duck Camo

Image of XLARGE x Vans Chukka "Duck Camo"

The Truth: DJ Khaled Suffering From Success

DJ/Producer/Artist DJ Khaled sits down with Elliott Wilson and gives some truths on his album Suffering From Success, which is available today in stores and also on Itunes..

Ricoh GR Limited Edition

“The Ricoh GR Limited Edition features a magnesium-alloy body sheathed in a metallic vintage green wave-tone finish with a high-gloss shine. Trimmed with a marbleized ebony grip patterned in burl wood, this Limited Edition is accented with a charcoal mode dial, settings buttons and four-way selector.  Also included with the Ricoh GR Limited Edition is the GH-3 hood and adapter in a special textured finish as well as newly designed genuine leather camera case and strap, tinted in a chocolate hue emphasizing the high-end design of this award-winning camera. The Ricoh GR Limited Edition features a special exit screen that brandishes the Ricoh GR Limited Edition logo when the user powers the camera off.”

Fat Joe (@fatjoe) – Madison Squares

Fat Joe is back with yet visua this time he releases one for Madison Squares produced by Young Sap and Cool & Dre directed by Mind Muscle. This track is featured on his recent mixtape titled The Darkside 3, which is  right out now.

Apple iWatch Concept

Image of Apple iWatch Concept

homas Bogner, a student at Germany’s Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, has designed a concept himself inspired by his desire to have an improved Nike+ Fuelband with more features. ”This concept was clearly inspired due [to] the experience with the Nike+ Fuelbands — I just fell in love with its flawless form factor,” Bogner told Mashable. ”What I was missing in all those iWatch mockups to date, they never felt ‘Apple-like’ and ‘unisex.’ If my girlfriend wouldn’t wear, but I would — it’s basically not Apple. For me, personally, the iPod click wheel was one of the most stunning implementations of UI in a consumer device; that’s probably the reason why [I] wanted the Interface to ‘rotate’ around a wrist.”

With this in mind, his animated GIF concept captures the functionality of a scrolling screen into the minimal form of a Nike + Fuelband, showing the narrow four-icon wide display scrolling through various familiar iOS features including  music and chat. What makes Bogner’s design so unique is that further condenses the device’s form factor, doing away with the thick strap-on-square-tile design adopted by most smart watches and making it appear more like a bracelet, something that would undoubtedly be more attractive to someone who doesn’t exactly want to look like they’re wearing a next-gen calculator watch.

Derrick Rose (@drose) Speaks On The Adidas D Rose 4

Derrick Rose suffered a torn ACL, and was left sidelined for the entire 2012-13 season, the Chicago Bulls point guard has been on the road to recovery and has since felt a sense of obligation to make up for lost court time. D Rose 4. Joined by Rob Lee, VP of design for adidas US, along with Rose, we are given some insights to the changes that were made to the newly released model and how the D Rose 4 reflects Rose`s personality and style of play. Click the play button above to hear what future goals the Chi-Town native wishes to achieve.