New Orleans Is The Most Expensive US Destination To Ring In New Years


If you, like many revelers, are hoping to usher in 2015 in one of the most festive, carnivalesque cities in the US, be prepared to shell out some cash as NoLa has emerged the most expensive US destination for celebrating the New Years.

After collecting the minimum room rates for hotels on December 31 across 30 major destinations across the US, deduced that New Orleans is the priciest city for lodging, clocking in at $359 for the most affordable double room.

That’s 300 percent higher than off-peak rates.

Only hotels with at least three stars were considered for the ranking.

Not far behind is Atlantic City, which recorded the biggest price jump — a whopping +586 percent — over the holidays, at $350 for New Year’s Eve.

At the other end, Los Angeles emerged one of the most affordable destinations, with the minimum hotel rate of $209.

Here are the most expensive destinations for overnight stays booked on December 31, according to The second number reflects the percentage difference for the least expensive rate for the following week.

1. New Orleans $359 (+ 302%)
2. Atlantic City $350 (+ 586%)
3. New York City $345 (+287%)
4. Miami Beach $313 (+ 144%)
5. Honolulu $284 (+ 162%)
6. Nashville $284 (+ 167%)
7. Denver $269 (+ 108%)
8. Las Vegas $249 (+ 117%)
9. Savannah $223 (+ 153%)
10. Los Angeles $209 (+ 36%)

Grocery delivery giant Instacart raises $220M at a rumored $2B valuation

Instacart, the grocery delivery startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz, has reportedly raised a massive $220 million funding round.

The round, according to Recode, may value the company at a jaw-dropping $2 billion. Reached by VentureBeat, Instacart declined to comment on the rumored valuation. The company did, however, confirm a raise of at least $210 million in a public filing with the SEC today.

This round will bolster Instacart’s war chest as it faces growing competition from heavyweights like Google and Amazon, as well as from startups like Postmates and Wunwun.

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Life360 partners with Ford to head off texting while driving

If you’re attending CES next week (or plan on reading all the coverage the throngs of reporters will be churning out), family-centered, location-oriented social network Life360 will be showing off its upcoming integration with Ford SYNC AppLink. The new feature, called Drive Mode, will be available for Android phones sometime in 2015’s second quarter, with an iOS version following later in the year.

Drive Mode is fairly simple and easy to use. When the driver gets in their car, the Life360 app immediately pairs with Ford SYNC through Bluetooth and pulls up the app on the phone and on the car’s dashboard. Drive Mode will then send a notification to the driver’s family members letting them know their loved one is now driving and shouldn’t be texting them, as well as notifying when they’ve stopped.

Life360 Drive Mode

“It sounds like a dull feature, but it’s a really helpful feature,” Life360 founder and chief executive Chris Hulls said in an interview with VentureBeat, underscoring how unsafe driving and texting can be.

It also lets family members track the car on a map via the Life360 app — which has a bit of a creep factor, especially for teens with overbearing parents, but nevertheless is a useful feature.

Life360, which launched in 2008, now has more than 48 million families using its app, the company told VentureBeat. Hulls hopes the 10 million Ford SYNC-enabled cars will be a good place to start hacking at the texting-on-the-road problem, which is really the core of the Drive Mode feature.

Life360 has been integrating with other connected devices and products recently, including Nest and BMW. The BMW integration, however, only enables drivers to set their navigation system to take them to a family member’s location and doesn’t include the new Drive Mode feature.

Life360 was founded in 2008 and is based in San Francisco, Calif. The company has raised $76.1 million in funding to date.

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Ameriie (@ItsAmeriie) – Mustang


Ameriie returns to the music scene with the release of her latest track called Mustang.

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