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SlowBucks Press Conference Part 2

Rick Ross (@rickyrozay) Feat Wale (@Wale), Gunplay (@GunplayMMG), Rockie Fresh (@RockieFresh),Tracy T (@TheRealTracyT) & French Montana (@FrenchMontana) – Finals 2


MMG boss Rick Ross is back with the release of his brand new single called Finals 2 featuring Wale, Gunplay, Rockie Fresh, Fat Trel, Tracy T and French Montana.

Funk Flex (@funkflex) Responds To Dame Dash (@DASHDAMON)

Funk Flex took to the mic to respond to Dame Dash post on Instagram. The dispute started earlier this week when Dame posted Interscope exec and former Def Jam president Joie Manda accusing Joie of trying to divide and conquer artists like Cam’ron and Jim Jones, as well as Curren$y and last called Manda a culture vulture. Funk Flex defend him then Dame responde dto Flex on instagram.

Christopher Kane “Atom” Collection


 Christopher Kane played with molecular atom prints, emblazoning them across T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Shown in their magnified form, the brightly colored atoms feature as prints in either red/green or blue/green against black, while a helix print T-shirt provides the most colorful option in the collection. You can shop the range now from oki-ni.

Usher (@Usher) On The Cover Of Nylon Guys



On being mentored by Diddy: “Artist development made me who I am. Somebody took the time to help me find what it is that works for me as an entertainer and who I am as a music maker.”

On playing Sugar Ray Leonard in the biopic Hands of Stone: “I wanted to show a different side of who I am, not just throw my acting chops toward a romantic comedy. When I played Sugar Ray, everything was Sugar Ray. Every day I trained like a boxer. I ate like a boxer. I moved like a boxer.”

On his fans’ reaction to his musical output: “In all honesty, I give one shit. I do hear them—that’s why I say one shit. I do give a shit, but not two shits. Two shits is a lot. I care enough to make sure they understand that I’m making it for them, but I’ve got to be true to where I am.”