A One57 Penthouse Sells For $100 Million Making It The Most Expensive Apartment In NYC

A buyer­, whose identity is under wraps, has set a new record of the most expensive single-family home purchase in New York City. The duplex penthouse on the 89th and 90th floor of the One57 tower on has closed for $100,471,452 to be precise.

The high-price residence on West 57th Street spans over 10,923-square-foot and offers priceless views of the Central Park. Claimed to be the first to break ground on “Billionaires Row”, One57 upon completion in 2014, stands at 1,005 feet. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning French architect Christian de Portzamparc, One 57 tower boasts of the interiors done by New York-based designer Thomas Juul-Hansen.

Forbes reports that this sale beats the previous record of the most expensive home sold in New York City. In 2012, Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of Russian fertilizer tycoon Dimitry Rybolovlev, paid $88 million for the 15 Central Park West penthouse that belonged to former Citigroup chairman Sanford Weill.

App Lets Workers Vent Anonymously

Need to vent about the boss? Now, there’s an app for that.

Memo, an app released last week, allows users to post anonymous messages about their employers, similar to Yik Yak or Whisper. So far, the free app has drawn employees from Oracle Corp. , Delta Air Lines Inc., Ernst & Young LLP and Hasbro Inc. talking about compensation, managerial efficiency and working from home, according to Memo’s maker, Collectively Inc.

Memo claims it has amassed about 10,000 users since beginning beta testing this fall. Users can post memos, comment on existing memos and link to websites, and will soon be able to upload files, including photographs and documents, to the app’s public and private streams.

Ryan Janssen, Collectively’s chief executive, says he wants Memo to be a place for workers to speak freely about what’s happening at work, and gives managers a chance to find out how employees really feel about the business.

Because managers have to evaluate employees, when a boss asks for feedback, “the employee’s natural reaction is to tell you what you want to hear, rather than the truth,” he says.

A screenshot from the Memo app in which anonymous users can discuss employers.ENLARGE
A screenshot from the Memo app in which anonymous users can discuss employers.

The truth, according to a sampling of public comments left by Memo users, is that some people feel overworked. A PayPal Inc. employee said: “I get 10x more work done over the holidays because there aren’t so many meetings.” From a McKinsey & Co. employee: “Consulting life is tough! But come on, there is no job as interesting as this!”

Users are verified through LinkedIn or a corporate email address, and Memo immediately deletes identifying data about a person, the company said.

The app comprises a public message board that can be seen by all users, as well as a private board that can only be viewed by employees of a given company, he said.

Apps like Memo, along with sites such as Glassdoor, where employees post reviews of their employers and leaders, could make public things management would prefer to keep in-house.

The hack of Sony Pictures late last year, which exposed the inner workings of a Hollywood studio, from employee salaries to office gossip to details on the cost of Academy Award campaigns, sent shudders through corner offices. In the weeks since, some companies have reviewed information security procedures while others are advising staff to share sensitive information in person rather than over email.

Mr. Janssen said Memo has received cease-and-desist letters from at least two companies, and a series of email complaints from a third company.

One of those letters, sent by Visa Inc. and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, concerns Memo’s advertising, and not employee gripes. Visa recently requested that the company stop using Visa’s logo and the name of the company CEO, Charles Scharf, in targeted ads it had placed on Facebook to drum up user interest. Mr. Janssen said he complied with Visa’s requests.

Mr. Janssen said users have reported that Visa, Boeing Co. and Hewlett-Packard Co. have circulated internal messages discouraging employees from using the app.

A Boeing spokesman said the company recently posted a message on its employee intranet reminding staff to be on the lookout for anyone seeking company information via social media. Employees are encouraged to voice concerns and complaints about the company via internal channels, he said.

Visa and Hewlett-Packard denied contacting employees about using Memo.

Memo stems from Mr. Janssen’s frustrations of Collectively’s first venture, a social network designed for freelancers. He said he had expected frank discussions in the site’s forums, but since users were identified with their real names, “people put on this weird, fake professional face.”

Collectively recently closed on a seed round of venture capital, the details of which Mr. Janssen said will be released next week.

Mr. Janssen said moderators check in on the app to patrol for bullying or offensive postings.

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Boko Haram Says It’s Behind Yet Another Massive Attack That Killed Hundreds

Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau claimed a massive attack on the northeast Nigerian town of Baga and threatened Niger, Chad and Cameroon in a new video published online on Tuesday evening.

The message came as Nigeria and its neighbours met in Niger’s capital, Niamey, to discuss a regional response to the threat and Chadian troops headed to Cameroon to help repel repeated Boko Haram attacks.

“Heavy clashes” between Islamist fighters and Cameroon soldiers were reported in the far northern border village of Bonderi on Tuesday night.

Hundreds of people, if not more, are feared to have been killed in the attack on Baga, a fishing town on the shores of Lake Chad, in what could be the militants’ worst in their six-year rebellion.

The rebels burnt large parts of the town to the ground and razed at least 16 surrounding settlements, forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes, many of them into Chad and Niger.

“We killed the people of Baga. We indeed killed them, as our Lord instructed us in His Book,” Shekau said in the 35-minute message, which was posted on the video-sharing website YouTube.

The militant leader was shown speaking in front of four white pick-up trucks, with eight masked and heavily armed men.

But there was no indication of when or where the video was shot.

Survivors of the Baga attack, which also saw Boko Haram fighters capture a military base used by Nigerian, Nigerien and Chadian troops, have described how bodies still littered the streets.

Shekau dismissed the extent of the slaughter, saying: “We will not stop. This is not much. You’ll see.”

Representatives from Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon have been meeting to seek a regional response to the threat from Boko Haram because of increasing fears of cross-border raids.

Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama has also suggested a new force, possibly under the auspices of the African Union, to crush the group.

But in the video, Shekau dismisses the threat and shows off a huge arsenal of weapons, apparently from the military base, and said Boko Haram would take on all-comers.

“The kings of Africa, you are late. I challenge you to attack me even now. I’m ready,” he said.

Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/boko-haram-says-its-behind-yet-another-massive-attack-2015-1#ixzz3PSQz1nfM

Pioneer Introduces XDJ-RX: Standalone DJ System


Pioneer DJ unveiled its new all-in-one rekordbox DJ controller on Tuesday morning. The XDJ-RX features two CDJ players, a mixer and a single LCD display. Aside from library management (which is typically handled at home), no laptop is required to operate the unit.

Notable features:

– Large full-color screen for at-a-glance information from both players
– Pad control with new Loop Slice feature (an equivalent to Serato’s Slicer Mode)
– Driven by rekordbox USB or rekordbox app so no need for a laptop or CDs
– Performance mixer boasts high-quality Sound Color FX and Beat FX
– Can be used as a stand-alone mixer thanks to multiple connections
– Direct recording via additional USB port

Pioneer DJ says the system will be available in late February 2015 at a suggested retail price of $1,799. Check out their website for more information.

Apple Acquires London Music Startup Musicmetric

Apple has acquired a London music startup. The tech giant has bought the company behind music analytics service MusicmetricMusically reports. 

Musicmetric owner Semetric changed its registered address to 100 New Bridge Street in London, home of Apple Europe Ltd. On the same day, it also filed documents to detail the appointment of a new director. He’s called Gene Daniel Levoff and up until now has been based at Apple’s global HQ.

Apple told Musically that it “buys smaller technology companies from time to time,” adding that it doesn’t “generally discuss our purpose or plan”. Semetric also declined to comment.

It’s speculated that Apple’s latest purchase could pave the way for the company to expand its music services. Apple wants to better tune its music arms: iTunes will likely be overhauled. But it’s Beats Music that stands to benefit most. Apple is going to relaunch the platform this year and there’s talk it could come pre-installed on iPhones and iPads.

Musicmetric launched in 2008 and allows music industry clients to track social and sales analytics through a dashboard, Musically writes — it also offers data streaming. In Jan. 2013 it received $4.8 million in funding.

Musicmetric says it’s about “turning big data into big opportunities”, and continues: “Whether you’re planning your first album launch or a global tour, on the lookout for new talent or after some killer intelligence to help pick your next brand ambassador, the Musicmetric dashboard will quickly and simply tell you all you need to know.”

How Apple chooses to use and develop Musicmetric remains to be seen, but one certainty is the implications the acquisition has for other streaming companies such as Spotify and Next Big Sound.

Here’s what Musically says:

Spotify has a partnership with Musicmetric to pipe in streaming data for labels to access via the latter’s dashboard.

Just as rival streaming services ended their partnerships with music/tech firm The Echo Nest firm when Spotify bought it last year, so Spotify is unlikely to be too keen on providing a firehose of its data to an Apple subsidiary.

Hakkasan Group’s Omnia Nightclub Announces Artist Roster, Reveals Interior Design

While Hakkasan Group’s new Omnia nightclub at Caesars Palace won’t open its doors until spring, here is a peek at what’s in store for its future patrons.

The club’s full roster of headliners will include AfrojackArmin van BuurenChuckieMartin GarrixOliver HeldensKrewellaNervoNicky Romero and Showtek.

The state-of-the-art venue revealed an impressive lighting system, a domed four-story roof with a sleek open-air deck, and a VIP mezzanine booth that takes its stylistic cues from European opera houses.

“We are pleased to welcome an unprecedented lineup of award-winning, global artists to Omnia and to provide our guests an entertainment experience that is unmatched in Las Vegas,” says Neil Moffitt, CEO of Hakkasan Group. “The caliber of artists planned for Omnia, combined with the nightclub’s seductive design, state-of-the-art sound, lighting systems and technology will take guests on an immersive, ever-evolving and unforgettable journey.”

Resident artist Afrojack says Omnia would provide a unique nightlife experience “unlike anything that has been in Vegas before.”

“I was really excited when the Hakkasan Group team shared the initial designs and involved me in a large part of the planning of the sound system, lights, effects and a whole range of other details throughout the club,” he says. “I am confident Omnia will set a new standard in nightlife and I am very proud to be a part of it.”

Event tickets will go on sale Monday, Feb. 2 at 10 am PT, and can be purchased by visiting omnianightclub.com, where future guests can also sign up for news and announcements.

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