Selfies, Likes and Instagram

I know that I am the only person who is slightly addicted to instagram. It seems people post things on instagram and just wait for the likes. A lot of us post more “selfies” than anything else. How much time do you spend at the gym posing and taking “selfies?” Then you tag the picture with the line “gettin it in” followed by #gymflow when in reality you spend more time taking the pic than you do working out? Check out this video which describes it perfectly:

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LeBron James (@KingJames) Alley Oop To Himself



Chief Keef (@ChiefKeef) – Where He Get It

Chief Keef who is back from his time spent in jail has released a new video for Where He Get It directed by Zae.

Motivated by Ciara (@Ciara)

Written by Magoo

I’ve been thinking about this for a while but just never bothered posting it but today I felt motivated after seeing an interview by Ciara

I’ve seen Ciara live in concert & I can say that that’s one of her strong attributes as an artist. I always say alot of artist talk too much about their music as oppose to actually performing them. Ciara has HITs so its not like she can’t mount a tour or be placed as an opening act. Could it it be PRIDE, Maybe. Could it be lack of strategic marketing, Maybe. In 2005 she was the opening act for Gwen Stefani on her Harajuku Lovers Arena Tour(Which I saw). In 2006 she went on her own tour(The Evolution Tour) 07- Screamfest With T.I(Which I saw) 2007- Good Girl Gone Bad Tour in Europe only with Rihanna. 2009- 6 Shows with Jay-Z. 2010- 4 Shows in Australia. Her first album(04) went Triple Platinum, then her second(06) did under Double platinum. Third album(09) Did under 300K. Fourth Album(2010) did under 100K.
I said all this to say this. Someone put up a post here sometime last week I think about the top ten selling Rap albums & Q.Pid made a comment like 2 Chains is outselling the King of of the South TI. It’s no surprise to me because 2 Chains has been on the road non stop since probably before the Drake tour last summer. People seem to forget the power of live performances in different cities because for one once you’re in that city, the radio station typically plays the artists music days leading up to the show & the day off exposing it to potentially new fans. All Ciara does these days is TALK TALK & TALK instead of performing. Ever Wonder why Rihanna’s reign won’t let up, it’s because she stays Touring. Jay-Z Tours Every Year. Ciara seems to be a nice girl & all but she needs to get back on Stage & take advantage of her strength as an artist. Heck her boyfriend Future is going on a mini tour himself before embarking on the Amerikaz most wanted tour with TI & Wayne. People need to be excited about what she’s famous for which is as an artist. Not doing interviews as if she’s a reality star.


Dj Vice ‏(@djvice) – Safe and Sound (Vice Remix)

Dj Vice is at again with the release of his new remix joint called Safe and Sound.

Cassie (@CassieSuper) feat Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa) – Paradise

Cassie drops the official video for her latest offering Paradise featuring Wiz Khalifa directed by Alex Nazari. The track will appear on Cassie upcoming mixtape ‘#RockAByeBaby dropping April 11th.