Mixtape: Murphy Lee (@murphylee) The Ladies Edition

Murphy Lee the St. Louis mc is back in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Murphy Lee decided to make a brief return to the rap game with his new mixtape, The Ladies Edition.

Click Link To Download: Murphy Lee The Ladies Edition



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  1. joyce says
    16 Feb 12, 9:57pm

    Love this ad, it just pops!!!!!

  2. Onyx says
    16 Feb 12, 10:21pm

    This Mixtape is on point!!! I love “start wit this drink”

  3. kanye says
    17 Feb 12, 6:42am

    I like it!!


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  4. Reese says
    17 Feb 12, 8:13am

    Luv this mixtape! “With This Drink”, You Special”, “Bounce Like That” and “They Gon’ Be Mad” r my favorites so far… NICE :)

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