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  1. VaChick says
    22 Jul 09, 6:37pm

    I can work the light blue one..niceee

  2. bodaciousrita says
    22 Jul 09, 6:53pm

    The Navy and White is HOt!!! This Full Figure Girl with Extremely Wide Hips and A Bodacious Bottom would turn heads, stop traffic and make a tsunami come to a halt wearing this one.
    Jermaine you are the greatest………

  3. PrettyBrown says
    22 Jul 09, 6:57pm

    They are cute (especially the last one), but come on now, cant no double d’s fit any in of those.

  4. 22 Jul 09, 7:03pm

    I’m liking it!!!


  5. Heatha77 says
    22 Jul 09, 7:24pm

    That last one is SMOKIN’ Hot. I’d love to slip into that one, those platform heels are rockin with it also!
    Sexy choices JD, you’re pleasin’ your lady lifers with these hot suits! xoxoxox

  6. PrettyLilMissil22 says
    22 Jul 09, 7:31pm

    They all are really nice but that last one!……. THAT THING IS SOMETHING MAJOR!!! lovin it:)

  7. PrincessAshleyJ says
    22 Jul 09, 7:57pm

    I love the last one That is my favorite and the First I would rock both with some sexy stilletos and cute nice sun glasses

  8. bodaciousrita says
    22 Jul 09, 8:19pm

    Jermaine, Which one who you like to see on a sexy lady? U can only pick one. Waiting patiently, on your response….. Keeps us commenting………..

  9. sham nassim says
    22 Jul 09, 8:27pm

    i think they are all hot but would prefer the first one .i love the way its top works . the light blue one is smoky hot .guys watch out “ladies gat bring it down ya”

  10. sham nassim says
    22 Jul 09, 8:28pm

    J.D “which one would you want janet to rock ” just one of them ahahahahahahha.

  11. Charloetta says
    22 Jul 09, 9:25pm

    Like the first one and the last one…

  12. nico 90's baby says
    22 Jul 09, 9:36pm

    i like the first one

  13. says
    22 Jul 09, 10:39pm

    My girl got too much ass fa those……but they dope tho

  14. CatAnnBur says
    22 Jul 09, 11:10pm

    I’ll take the last one….the shoes too!

  15. waveyy kid says
    22 Jul 09, 11:59pm

    this shit tight jd my gurl need to start fucking with this shit

  16. 23 Jul 09, 12:15am


  17. Th3 1 and onlii says
    23 Jul 09, 6:40am

    I love it. With tht u show a form of style fashion nd swag.

  18. felicia says
    23 Jul 09, 8:04am

    JD please PLEASE check out this guy on youtube he goes by the name MR. MEREDITH aka Mel da artist nigga is hotness his shit he puttin on youtube way better then the shit on radio right now and he better then most of these artist in the industry

    thats his channel

  19. viva-alexm says
    23 Jul 09, 10:53am

    im loving the light blue one. i can so rock that when i hit the beach.

  20. SPOCK says
    23 Jul 09, 11:04am

    Show me the Lane Bryant Line!!!!!! LOL

  21. DwayneThaBoi says
    23 Jul 09, 11:16am

    Lovin all of them man! But i bet anyone here, Janet would work em better than thease girls!

    Ya’ll are still together right? I keep hearing rumours that you guys called it quits around the time when we lost the king of pop… that true? cause i aint trustin the media till i heare it from one of ya’ll

  22. CocoDiva says
    23 Jul 09, 1:23pm

    Eh, the first one looks a bit constricting. The second is pretty average, but the light blue is wicked!

  23. NIKKI SANTORO says
    23 Jul 09, 2:47pm

    i love em! i need to get me a piece of the third one tho!

  24. NYC ICON says
    23 Jul 09, 4:38pm
  25. A&R Ears says
    23 Jul 09, 8:32pm

    @felicia – Your rapper is cool. He needs to learn about song formatting. I heard no hooks or formatting on his songs.

  26. Moni says
    24 Jul 09, 10:54am

    I like them, but I know for sure my size G’s won’t fit in any of ‘em.

  27. flawless says
    24 Jul 09, 1:08pm

    Hey JD, the black and white two piece is nice. But, I true like the turquois one piece. Yet, I could rock them all. Always FLAWLESS

  28. Chantail says
    27 Jul 09, 4:34pm

    What kind of shoes are they wearing??

  29. mimi says
    09 Aug 09, 12:21am

    loved all three and the shoes the models rocked with them. the last look is dope.

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