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Arnoldo Torres, best known as Young Quicks, was born and raised in Oxnard, California. His parents taught him that perseverance is the key to success, and that is what has brought Young Quicks to the top. Even though no one really knows where all his talent emerged since he is the only one dedicated to arts in his family, there is no doubt in the mind of who listens to him that he is very gifted.

At a very young age (13) he started writing poetry but it was not until he was starting high school that he realized his love for music. Noticing that poetry was not fulfilling his desires, Young Quicks began to compose songs to entertain others by telling his own stories about the struggle and life. At the beginning he promoted himself, and sold homemade CD’s of his music to friends, and classmates. He had such an amazing acceptance, that they started spreading the word and before he realized it he was performing at high schools, opening major concerts for artists such as Dj Quik, Bonethugsnharmony, David Banner, Nelly, Lil Rob, and more to even headlining his own club events.

The sincerity of Quick’s lyrics, and the poetical content combined with a rapping style have made Young Quicks the sensation of everyone who listens to his songs. He uses words that are uncommonly employed in a rap, and shares his stories giving it a motivational content. During the presentations Quicks gives all his energy out and transmit it to his fans, making his shows unique and energetic.

Most of the time Young Quicks was an independent musician, even though offers with record labels did occur. It was not until 2008, when Down aka Kilo “Mr. Lean Like a Cholo” asked Quicks to join him, when Young Quicks accepted to sign with a record label. After a lot of hard work and various presentations Quicks decided to be independent again and incorporate his own corporation called “Street Talent Ent. LLC” , and on April 2009 he released his first street album titled” Stop Jock’n My Swag” followed by “I Am Steet Talent Vol.1” which was released in 2010.

Being mentored by outstanding artists such as Terminal (Locura Terminal), Down Aka Kilo, Big Tank and Damizza, Quicks learned the most important tips to grow more as a rapper. His music has been playing on his hometown radio station Q104.7, wild102.9 in Reno, NV Power94 in Bend, Or and some stations overseas, the approval of the people has been astonishing. Because of all his popularity Quicks was called to be the image of Globafon a worldwide phone company. Young Quicks is the rapper that everyone has been waiting for, and it is evident that the future has great things waiting for him.

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Nobody is perfect, I am a nobody therefor, I am perfect

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