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Syracuse,New York


Syracuse, New York






$upa $atty, the producer, songwriter and rapper started playing music at the age of 11. He grew up in a christian household with both parents being ministers. It is in church where he discovered his gift and love for making music. Mastering the drums at 11 and the keyboard at 13, $atty still had no idea he would be introduced to a whole new world of music. He started making beats at 16, on a Roland keyboard his parents had purchased for him. By 17 he had gotten a lot more familiar with hip hop music as MTV and BET gained more popularity. Naming Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy and Mase as his earliest influences, $atty began writing his own rhymes along with making beats and helped form a local crew of young rappers. After many high school talent shows and hallway battles, $atty released his 1st mixtape with his group Academy Live, in 2003. Along with $attys’ production and rap skills, their movement began to grow and gain popularity in their home town.
A 3rd mixtape was scheduled to drop in 2005, along with official independent record label 1.11 ENT. to back it, but was shelved due to differences within the group. $atty was almost
to the brink of giving up music after the break-up, but with the encouragement of family and supportive best friend, $atty gradually began to record again. He released his 1st solo mixtape in 2007 titled, “The Weekend Returns”. It was a slow response at first as $attys’ fun loving, club hopping, lady hugging style was much different than other “hardcore” artists from Syracuse New York. But after solid promotion and amazing stage presence at his shows, people began to warm up to his feel good style. His mixtape went on to be nominated for the “Best Hip Hop Album” in the Syracuse Area Music Awards in 2008.
In the following years $upa $atty has been establishing himself as a business man and producer /songwriter. Working with different artists, helping with artist development with his Academy Live/ 1.11 movement and producing exceptional talent. Also in 2008 he helped establish a local record company (Bank Boyz Ent.) and executive produced their 1st mixtape release. He parted ways with the company in 2009. In 2010 $atty joined forces with C.O.A.S.T. Inc., a nonprofit, faith based community organization founded by his parents, Drs. Antwan and Nanette Chavis. Aiming to be more of a positive influence thru music, $upa $atty has taken on a higher purpose with his career which his goal is to elevate humanity as a whole and inspire people to be better! With new releases scheduled, business deals in the making, performances and producing for new artists, $upa $atty has a promising future ahead of himself as a hip hop artist and entrepreneur.

Favorite Quotations

“Stay true to yourself and loyal to your family”

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