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I’m a very ambitious, hardworking, single woman.  I’m a jack of many trades and have managed to master more than 70% of them and I am currently working on mastering the other 29%. I always leave room for 1% error rate, for no one is perfect, as long as I know this, there’s always the strive to do better! I’m an International Honors College Grad. currently in pursuit of my BFA/MA in Psychology & Fine Arts and eventually my PH.D! Being a 1st generation college grad. on both sides of my family, I’ve exceeded expectations and set no limitations for myself or my children. I live to lead by example, in hopes that my children will experience a better tomorrow! Though I love being a mom, there is so much more to me! I have a diploma in Carpentry/Cabinet Making, degrees in Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts Sciences and Humanities Social Sciences. Though I have a strong interest in the human psyche and intellect, I have an overwhelming passion for the Arts. I’m a Poet/Writer/Author/Photographer/Aspiring Actress/Licensed Cosmetologists/Image consultant with experience/studies in: Modeling, Music, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, martial arts, graphics design, fashion and I have a CDL license! I love all things beautiful and try to contribute to that beauty in every way! I’m at a point in my life that I feel as though, I have contributed to others well being along the way and now it’s time that I take it to the next level, I’m ready to move forward with my endeavors, no one can succeed in this world without the help of another, lets rise together!

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I can be reached via email [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]!

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High School

Emerson Voc. H.S. Buffalo, N.Y. 1994


Erie Community College Buffalo, NY, CRJ& Soc.SCI 2009 Buffalo State University Psych. & Fine Arts 2012 2009


Entrepreneur, Owner & founder of RedSilk Stylez & Delores Enterprises! Work experience too long to lists can produce upon request for serious inquiries only!


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[email protected]

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Houston, TX




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