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Every so often, an artist comes along who exceeds your expectations. Someone who, upon that first listen, makes you feel privy to some well-kept secret — a name attached to a voice that, unbeknownst to most, will become a constant presence. For Hip Hop newcomer Poetiic, that time is now. So as you go through the elements that comprise her story, keep in mind the words of Rich Harrison, who put it ever so succinctly, “Talent isn’t always a pre-requisite for a superstar.” Poetiic, as you are about to witness, is the exception. Born Shamera P. Reid out of San Diego California, Poetiic started off singing and dancing to hit records from the Jackson 5 to TLC, Monica and Whitney Houston, just to name a few. By the tender age of eight, Poetiic had already begun to experience life in the spotlight, performing in front of thousands of people at Fashion Shows, Talent Shows, School Events and Competitions. Poetiic even was blessed with the opportunity to open up for God’s Property back in 1996. “I honestly sang just because I was feeling the songs on the radio… in the beginning I didn’t think it would get this far to be honest with you,” says Poetiic. “Now this is my life, this is my passion, I sing because I love the reactions on people’s faces. Same goes for when I am spittin’, I feel I am bringing something different to the game something well needed. If not now then never.”


Poetiic never hesitates to emphasize to the youth, along with spreading to everybody else, how education is imperative. “I say this all the time, Anything Is Possible if you believe and you work hard.” Poetiic graduated from Sacramento State University in 2012 and since has opened her own Marketing company, is a Radio Personality for POETIICS PLAYLIST on World Tuned Radio based out of Oceanside, CA and she hosts a range of events in the San Diego Area. “School may not be for everybody but It doesn’t hurt to be knowledgable about your passion.”


Whether it is a pitch perfect note, or a display of lyrical fire, Poetiic not only gets the job done, but she also conjures up both the understated elegance and innocence of an era long gone (think a young Missy) as well as the youthful sheen and SUAVAY of contemporaries like Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu, MC Lyte and Da Brat. And yet upon listening to Poetiic tell her own stories through music, and giving God grace while doing so, you get the feeling she will make a mark of her own.

Favorite Quotations

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

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