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"@jd, could the recent return of SWV really be attributed the the power of LTL? New Lifers, just spent the last 2 weeks watching all 562 episodes on the YouTube. You mention SWV and Coko alot in reference to Dondria’s [...]" · View
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    S/O to Jeezy for the bottle

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      joyce · 21 hours, 21 minutes ago


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      kaybee · 18 hours, 30 minutes ago

      I’m Tryna Get Like You J! You Got Shortys Wantin To Kiss Ya Eyes Nd Shit… Lol

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        QPid · 16 hours, 50 minutes ago


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        KMonroe · 5 hours, 10 minutes ago


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      The Caterer Hit (Monster Sound) · 1 day, 3 hours ago

      i love this

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      D-Mac · 20 hours, 49 minutes ago

      i like these kinda girls for pics on tumblr and thats it lol. in real life i would never date one of these kind

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        QPid · 19 hours, 15 minutes ago

        You say ”these kind” like she’s an ET lol

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          kaybee · 18 hours, 37 minutes ago


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          D-Mac · 3 hours, 26 minutes ago

          Damn near lol. Put her in a dress n that shit aint sexy. All dat ink only look good half or whole nakes lol

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      signal20pk · 8 hours, 13 minutes ago

      hell yeah

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    Campbell embodies a classic femme fatale role in the new images, while the notion of powerful heroines served as the impetus for the concise photo set.

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      KMonroe · 5 hours, 9 minutes ago

      Yes hunty!!!

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    Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run Tour Tops $100 Million, ’Everybody’s Winning’

    Jay Z and Beyonce photo jayandbey_635x250_1407260919_zpsc98df95c.jpg

    Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run tour wraps in North America with two nights at AT&T Park in San Francisco, both tonight (August 5) and tomorrow night (August 6). The pair’s 19 North American shows will gross over $100 million in ticket sales and has sold at more than 90 percent capacity, according to Omar Al-Joulani, vp of North American touring for Live Nation, the promoter/producer of the tour. Attendance will top out at more than 850,000.

    Al-Joulani declined to comment on press reports of rancor between the couple, adding that he hadn’t read it. Regarding such reports, and speculation that Live Nation might be losing money on the tour, Al-Joulani would only say, “everybody’s winning.” And regarding reports that the plug might be pulled on the tour, the promoter adds, “Production is loading-in in San Francisco as we speak.”

    Some reports put the couple’s performance guarantee at $4 million per show, which is a reasonable figure, considering the tour’s nightly take is over $5.2 million from an average attendance of nearly 45,000 per show. As predicted by Billboard back in June — when inaccurate reports that the tour was struggling began to surface — sales for the tour finished strong, following a general market trend of tickets selling closer to show date. “These shows sold tremendously well at the end, so we were able to sell-up limited-view and clean up production holds or other holds,” says Al-Joulani. “It was a very successful tour, and we’re pleased to have that big gross number at the end.”

    The Jay/Bey tour was conceived and launched fast compared to most stadium tours, which are often planned more than a year in advance. “It came together quite quickly, around mid-March,” says Al-Joulani. “By April, we had everything together, and once the routing was in place we had about three weeks until the tour was announced.”

    Considering the quick ramp-up, the fact that both Jay and Beyonce had been on the road much of last year, and the available window was narrow, routing was a bit of a challenge. “We knew we needed a big ‘statement play’ in L.A., and we needed big statement in New York, so we started by figuring out the avails at the Rose Bowl [in Pasadena] and MetLife Stadium [in New York],” Al-Joulani explains, “and then from there it was just a matter of sorting it out.”

    Given the “event” status of music’s reigning power couple and the fact that producers were on a tight schedule, “We threw all the usual rules out the window,” Al-Joulani says. “We didn’t worry about days of the week, as long as we were headed in the right direction. There is one beautiful thing about routing late: There’s no messing around, the building is either available or it’s not. You’re not holding for anybody, you’re not waiting for a football or baseball schedules, there was no room for ‘maybes.’ It was all, ‘is this building available?’ which makes your life a lot easier, because there are no variables. And [stadiums] wanted it, so we were able to pick and choose our way through it.”

    Along with the “must-play” major markets, the tour routed into some secondary markets like Cincinnati, New Orleans and Seattle “that turned out to be wildly successful,” Al-Joulani says. Cincinatti sold out on the pre-sale, New Orleans was “massive,” and Seattle went completely clean. “We had the greatest time in those markets.”

    Production was “epic,” as described by Al-Joulani, with three staging systems hop-scotching across the route. Elements included a moving high-def screen, pyro, hyrdraulic lifts, and a B stage extended well into the audience. “Knock on wood — we started production load-in in San Francisco at noon today — every show has gone up on time, with no production issues,” he says, adding that there were no weather issues or delays, either. The total production moved on 42 trucks, with about 150 crew.

    Given the unique nature of these two artists, their fans, and the fact that they’ve both toured in the last 18 months, ticket scaling was tricky, but Al-Joulani says the goal was to be inclusive. The low end was $40, then prices went up the chain to P1s topping out at $275, and a wide array of premium packages. “Our strategy was to sell as best as we could on the primary system and to price tickets for what people were willing to pay for them, with a very dynamically priced model, so that wherever you were on that ticket chain, you… had an opportunity to attend the show,” the promoter explains. ”We made sure we had affordable tickets as well as the higher-priced tickets that we know the market can bear. Pricing went right across the spectrum.”

    Momentum was solid, from the couple’s sizzling Grammy performance in January, Beyonce’s new record carrying through until Q1, a hit in “Drunk In Love,” and the single “On The Run” from Jay Z’s record, as well as a dramatic tour trailer created by the two artists. “We had a lot of things that went into making this tour an event, and that was part of our success,” Al-Joulani says. “These events are driven by content and demand, and being dramatic and creative and putting out content people want to see. The two of them are as about creative as you can get, and it was pretty brilliant to watch them work. The show itself is spectacular.”

    Chase handled the pre-sale as the tour’s credit card sponsor, and the financial services firm, “really embraced it and did a great job,” says Al-Joulani. Adding that deal was put together by the Roc Nation sponsorship team, led by Michael Yormark. “He delivered that and did a great job executing and bringing Chase to the relationship.”

    After North America, Jay Z and Beyonce will take On The Run to Paris Sept 12-13, which is being shot for an HBO special. “We’re on track to sell out both shows,” says Al-Joulani.

    Far from stressed out, Al-Joulani was upbeat and clearly happy with the tour’s success. “This has been a lot of work, but it has been the smoothest, most fun run that I’ve ever worked on,” he tells Billboard. “We have a great group of people on the road, the artists have been phenomenal, both management teams are engaged and available. It has been a ball, and I’m actually sad it’s ending. I wish we could be out for another two months.”

    By Ray Waddell

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      SPOTLYTE · 4 months, 2 weeks ago

      When you have money like that there is nothing you cant have… and the only emptiness could be lack of wanted love or emotional well being… But if they have love then they got it all… Big ups to them

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      Rose · 1 week, 4 days ago

      Wow! 100 million. Amazing.

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      D-Mac · 1 week, 3 days ago

      But niggas got 10k a show long term goals

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        Magoo · 1 week, 3 days ago


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      Rad-Z · 9 hours, 9 minutes ago

      Got a little hustler in the blood cause Jay is from Brooklyn….
      I am a brooklynite too..check out my new joint..

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      The Caterer Hit (Monster Sound) · 5 hours, 9 minutes ago

      that’s crazy

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      KMonroe · 5 hours, 10 minutes ago

      Whats this about???

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    YOOOO!!! @qpid901

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      cynaamonjLTL · 1 day, 15 hours ago


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      QPid · 1 day, 7 hours ago

      Those thighs though!!! Jesus!

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        D-Mac · 20 hours, 48 minutes ago

        way too much ass for me my brotha lol

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          QPid · 20 hours, 21 minutes ago

          Save’em for me my friend lol

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      The Caterer Hit (Monster Sound) · 1 day, 3 hours ago

      4real though lol

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      Mr_October · 19 hours, 19 minutes ago


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      signal20pk · 8 hours, 12 minutes ago

      very nice

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      Spockis2bold · 3 days, 10 hours ago

      I gained a lot of respect for Usher for helping JD out and letting him get on the road and making some money by DJing. Usher’s first album was Hot but the 2nd album that broke Usher was the one JD did. It’s good to see brothers sticking together, we know JD needs the bread. Still don’t know why Whitney A Smith and Russell Cole Smith dropped the ball…. but don’t get me started…

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        QPid · 3 days, 5 hours ago

        What makes u think JD needs the money? Disrespectful lil shyt you!

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        D-Mac · 20 hours, 40 minutes ago

        just outta curiosity how do u know jd was dj’n and that usher paid him? cuz from what im readin i see alotta pocketwatching and ion get it.

    • Avatar Image
      Spockis2bold · 3 days, 10 hours ago

      you can’t run from the truth my nigga…

    • Avatar Image
      joyce · 3 days, 5 hours ago

      It’s so beautiful seeing the two of you back at it… Aint nothing more precious than brotherly LOVE :-)

    • Avatar Image
      cynaamonjLTL · 3 days, 3 hours ago


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      Dupree · 2 days, 16 hours ago

      Ocean’s boys holding each other down!

      • Avatar Image
        KMonroe · 2 days, 16 hours ago

        We need another MIXTAPE!

    • Avatar Image
      Destiny · 2 days, 16 hours ago

      Love this

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      Spockis2bold · 1 day, 11 hours ago

      Qpid fuck you nigga talk to Eddie Weathers then talk to me nigga. Ive been in the A 20 years my nigga, Anyway, I think this is a good thing, if you MAKE A NIGGA they suppose to look out for you. If I say something that is a fact its not disrespectful but the truth… Shit JD is my nigga, He’s my favorite entertainer, he just ain’t entertaining me with his music no more, HE is the entertainment, shit, I’m even going to send him a Christmas Card this year….. LOL

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        QPid · 1 day, 7 hours ago

        Great. We have two internet trolls on G14.

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        SPOTLYTE · 1 day, 7 hours ago

        I gots to get my front row seat….. ding ding ding…. keep your hands where I can see them and no hitting below the belt. Now you boys get in there in fight…. dayam where is my popcorn post
         photo sliding-into-a-car-like-a-boss.gif

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          QPid · 1 day, 7 hours ago

          Aint nobody worried about them. Sup with u. Good morning Spot!

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            SPOTLYTE · 20 hours, 9 minutes ago

            Having a strange day today, I might just need to take a nap

            • Avatar Image
              cynaamonjLTL · 20 hours, 6 minutes ago


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                SPOTLYTE · 19 hours, 41 minutes ago

                That sounds good, I use to read novels I might need to escape in a book, my mind is thirsty for adventure.

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                Rose · 19 hours, 14 minutes ago

                That sounds nice. I might do that too.

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      Spockis2bold · 1 day, 9 hours ago


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      Rad-Z · 9 hours, 13 minutes ago

      Glad to see you brothers Jd and Ush down for the cause….
      check out my new download…

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      joyce · 21 hours, 22 minutes ago

      Hope tonight is a big success

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      The Caterer Hit (Monster Sound) · 1 day, 3 hours ago


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      TearJay · 1 day, 3 hours ago

      I cant…..breathhhhh…….bahahaha

    • Avatar Image
      joyce · 1 day, 2 hours ago

      He definitely got what he asked for, LMBO

    • Avatar Image
      SPOTLYTE · 23 hours, 48 minutes ago

      I wasn’t ready

    • Avatar Image
      TearJay · 22 hours, 6 minutes ago

      At his age tho…he got a whole head of hair…!!!so I give this a 10…… 1 on style tho……

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    Remember the little girl that went missing after leaving a corner store here in Alabama and found dead. This story made national news. Well her dad helped with the search, did interviews was arrested today!! Just sickening!

    Hiawayi Robinson died during sexual assault by father, Hiawatha Robinson, Mobile DA says

     photo ffdbf9a6-33d8-434b-ae26-8697de77b93b_zps123fa907.jpg

    MOBILE, Alabama — Hiawayi Robinson, the 8-year-old Prichard girl found dead behind an abandoned building in September, died of ”homicidal violence” at the hands of her father, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said at a news conference on Tuesday.

    Authorities arrested 38-year-old Hiawatha Robinson on charges of first-degree sodomy and murder on Tuesday afternoon. If convicted, Hiawatha Robinson faces 10 to 99 years or life in prison for each charge, Rich said.

    ”The facts will show that while engaging in sodomy in the first degree, Hiawatha Robinson Jr. caused the death of Hiawayi Robinson,” she said.

    Under Alabama law a person may face charges of first-degree sodomy if he or she engages in ”deviant sexual intercourse” with a person less than 12 years old.

    ”Deviant sexual intercourse is defined in the law of the state of Alabama as sexual gratification involving the sexual organs of one person and the mouth or the anus of another person,” Rich said. She declined to comment on whether abuse of the child by her father had been ongoing.

    Hiawatha Robinson will appear in Mobile County District Court at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday for a bond hearing. Rich said prosecutors will ask he be held without bond.

    On Tuesday evening he remained under protective custody in Mobile County Metro Jail.

    Robinson has spoken with authorities, although Rich declined to share his comments or elaborate on what authorities seized when they searched his home in October. His girlfriend’s home was also searched. The warrants have been sealed.

    ”It was not a simple investigation,” Rich said. ”It was a collective effort and it took a significant amount of time.”

    Authorities with Prichard police, the FBI and the State Bureau of Investigation announced the arrest exactly three months after family members reported Hiawayi Robinson missing.

    ”This case resonated within this community when we saw a precious little girl who was missing from her very own home,” Rich said. ”This arrest is very important today because we have closure, in that we have a person who is in custody today charged in this crime.”

    Prichard Mayor Troy Ephriam said the arrest brought some measure of relief but hurt others. Knowing Hiawayi’s father was responsible for his daughter’s death ”really hurts all over again,” because of their relationship, he said.

    Hiawatha Robinson press conference on Dec. 16, 2014
    Hiawatha Robinson press conference on Dec. 16, 2014
    Federal investigators said they were still evaluating to determine whether any federal charges would be filed against Hiawatha Robinson.

    Rich did not expect any additional arrests in the case. She said grand jurors would later have the opportunity to review the case and determine whether the charges against Hiawatha Robinson are appropriate.

    She did not anticipate the charges to be upgraded to capital murder, sparing Hiawatha Robinson from the potential of facing the death penalty.

     photo -17d4fca486f5d088_zps99ad9b33.jpg

     photo 10628421_10152917524147246_7138774614605074714_n_zpsac41199a.jpg
    I hope that they fry him!

    • Avatar Image
      cynaamonjLTL · 1 day, 15 hours ago


      • Avatar Image
        ChocolateTiger · 1 day, 15 hours ago

        Girl I’m so angry!! The whole city is hurting. All this time we thought it was a random stranger just passing thur. And to find out it’s her dad! smh just awful

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    Thumbnail Utah is set to become home to the largest ski resort in the US, with a $50 million injection that will include a high-speed, two-way gondola that connects Park City Mountain Resort and the neighboring slopes of Canyons Resort. In total, that means that skiers will have access to more than 7,300 acres of terrain. [...]

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    Hope all is well! I’ve been busy doing parties and events. Work overload! Got a birthday bash coming up, I’m so excited! :) #Decembermymonth

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