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This planet sized party, Is your world loaded up and rocket blasted through a hip-

hop-r&b-soul galaxy of transcending entertainment.

A World of Love- This non-stop heart throbbing jam storm, gets right down to

business at first play!. As it grabs your attention & sustains it as if held

entertainingly hostage. This exciting composition of sound simply knows its

purpose.To effortlessly elevate and enhance your mode and atmosphere. With

nothing other than that rich soul, smooth r&b-funk, and hip-hop head bobbing

motion. That cleverly and melodiously, propels your emotions inside and out. A

World of Love- takes you to those body moving places you can surely feel. Where

your senses are most welcomed, compelled and delighted to party and stay..

You need not be in search for the everlasting groove. Yes its all there. A lively and

musical buffet of styles from hip-hop-r&b, with soul and jazz fusion. To dance and

just the right touch of funk-rock. Something for every set of ears, no matter what

coastal air surrounds them, or what soil you may dance on. This vibration is

universal and nothing’s hard to find.
A World of Love- is just as captioned, and even better defined as:, “all inclusive

music discriminating against none who may enjoy”. Not because the music or the

artist tries and cares to please everyone. But because the distinguished stand alone

sound and artist, know who they are and what’s offered musically. While having

the confidence, courage, and sense of adventure to simply be that. Never

forgetting that the mission and ambition is artistry with a voice, to stir-up and

delight the masses. When the artist is true to self, his or her artistry resonates with

honesty and with impact. So my good people, A World of Love- is what it is,..

shared in all its loving entirety.

A voice, a view, and exquisite musical and visual expression of life- from: the artist

Nosakhere Papa Soul. This is the most simple description of the entire body of

work before you, titled- A World of Love. Lets just keep it simple, or better yet real.

Why does a voice, view, and expression of this artist or any being for that matter

carry relevance?. Honestly, it is because every voice and being is a living

expression of life designed by God. God is life, and He gives life. In this world that

we live in, life is spiritually and naturally regarded as the most relevant of things.

So when this life is expressed through our voices with openness, authentic

expression and true virtuosity. It is a most driving force of the highest fascination.

Because in this world of trials and triumphs, passion and pain, and even life and

death. A World of Love- is what we all seek while surviving in this real one. Well

the artist Nosakhere Papa Soul- by way of his voice, and life’s expression through

music. Has found the living seas of such intimate expressed fascination. Currently

residing in the currents of creativity, crafting all the elements of sound together in

one cd. Bringing you most entertainingly,.. A World of Love!.

It doesnt matter who you are or where you are from, because the main ingredient

in Nosakhere Papa Soul music- is love. This highly energetic and visual body of

music. While being a welcoming home of stimulating savor. Is not narrowly

concerned with just the mainstream appeal. While it effortlessly and magnetically

possesses it nonetheless. In other words, this music is too busy in its own unique

world jamming!. Having way to much fun to forcibly fit into only industry

regulations alone.

A World of Love- by the artist Nosakhere Papa Soul is a boundless and animating

collection of vibrant original songs, beating at the pulse rhythm of life within. With

entertainingly intuitive songs like “So natural” and In flow. Smoothly chilling and

zoning you way out, in a most attractive and irresistible fashion. While tracks like

“Planet live” and “Congo-cuban-fire” race your heart, and turns corners so wildly

with velocity. It’s like trying to escape air force one on a bicycle laughing, while

speeding downhill an active volcano!.

A most appealing and even sometimes edgy ride. Both uninhibited and eloquent

sound, is exhibited in this booty-shaking and thrilling orchestral encounter. Using

an array of real instruments, you will certainly enjoy this music in all its

distinguished gifted form.

Powerful in conscious swagger, dynamic and masterfully lyrical with visual and

vocal fun. Plain and simple, A World of Love is a planet sized party of great music.

So step out of the mundane moods of colorless repetition, sapping away life’s

When you dive into the imaginative and one of a kind, unforgettable experience.

That truly is A World of Love.


I believe the best album you will write as a constantly evolving artist is always the

next one. Which means your current latest and best album, may have to take

second place. To the best one you never actually get to write, having left this

world already. So I treat each album like my only opportunity to leave my best

impression & best creation. With a race of highest quality standard, most epic

adventure, and maximum jam to the fighting finish. Leaving me forever in between

my last & next greatest work. Like a musical romance of life’s creative dance with

God. Because after all, you never know if it’s your final work. So play on my

friends,.. play on!.

The artist Nosakhere Papa Soul, a writer of over 20yrs now has written 1oo’s of

songs for various mediums of music, such as personal release/T.V./ online music

markets/school educational projects/movie scores/Awareness foundations/Voice

overs demo’s etc.

Nosakhere Papa Soul is a well-rounded, well received creative artist with irresistible

global appeal. Bringing both originality, and versatility with his unique vision to

the arts, business and entertainment world. As a very creative and professional

writer, producer, and vocalist of soul, hip-hop, and r&b music. Also including

television scores, gospel/ hip-hop, educational school jingles, new romantic r&b,

jazz, neo-soul and more. His vision of art and sound is authentic and unbound.

Nosakhere Papa Soul is quite the stellar musician, writer, vocalist, voiceover, T.V.

Host, and Videographer of today and tomorrow’s sound.
Enjoy countless original and unforgettably romantic songs from the all new “Love

Lingo”. Also catch Nosakhere Papa Soul Hosting and more on Comcast Cable’s

Community Essentials every Sat. @ 9:00pm ch.19 and Chicago’s can T.V.

Favorite Quotations

God is Love

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