Niecy Rite










Niecy Rite’s legacy started at the tender age of 9, when she would record herself freestyling on rap beats under the alias ‘Lil Zoey.’ By 11, Zoey recorded her first mixtape, ZoeyWorld followed by Eleventeen, which featured youthful vocals and playful concepts on instrumentals like Jay Z’s “Off Your Shoulder” and J Holiday’s “Bed”. By 13, she began writing more seriously and decided it was time for a name change; the name ‘Niecy’ seemed to fit. She began writing for a mixtape ‘ Niecy Rite!?’, when a colleague suggested she name herself Niecy Rite following the mixtape. She aceded and once again, modified her stage name. By 15, Niecy Rite’s content became more relationship-based and mature, recording songs like “Loved By You” and “I Am Her”. Also at this time, she was approached by a record label executive whom she respectfully declined in favor of her studies. Two years later, in 2010, Niecy Rite joined a rap group with another female rapper, Autumn Perfect, to create “Crowned Rebels”. The group disbanded before the mixtape was released. In late 2010, Niecy became a Christian Rapper, and when that did not work out, she decided to call it quits on being a rapper. Now, in 2015, Niecy Rite has made a comeback to Rap and is working on a new mature and aggressive rap project with only the best producers and featured artists. It is sure to be epic and is set to release by the end of this year.

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