ISIS is my real name the name my mother gave me. Isis was the Egyptian Goddess of Love and a Queen. It should be no surprise that I consider myself royalty as well. I am one of the Queens at Infinite Dreams Marketing, Inc. I was born in New Orleans, LA and graduated from Eleanor McMain Magnet High School. I moved to Atlanta, GA with my family where I graduated from Clark Atlanta University. After my matriculation, I was accepted and attended Ross University School of Medicine. During my 3rd year of studying to be a doctor, I was offered a once in a life time opportunity to own a marketing & managing company with my cousin Nicole V. I love music as much as I love medicine, so I took a leap of faith and decided to pursue both.
IDM Was Born!

After a humble beginning, our company now has a plethora of models, producer Smoke Ezzi and 3 recording artists including ABSOLUTE DA GENERAL, ALLMIGHTY TheMAGNFICENT, LIVEYAH LEE. Since we have started IDM I have been blessed to work with individuals that are beautiful on the inside as well as outside. Using far-reaching and versatile strategy; Infinite Dreams Marketing aims to develop and manage innovative marketing and promotional programs.

Favorite Quotations

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the perosn doing it.”

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