Mone aka “The J.E.D.I” hails from west Philadelphia PA with his cali swagg and laid back Floridian attitude he’s bringing force to the city. Being Jamaican and Syrian brings Much culture to his music and his style. Jedi grew up Moving between multiple cities, From Philadelphia to New jersey, and even down to Florida; has also greatly influenced his overall style. At only 22 years of age the young rapper, artist, tattoo enthusiast, Skate Punk, Sneakerhead is beginning to take his city by storm with his “New Wave” rap. Mone “The J.E.D.I.” is gearing up to drop one of many future projects. This premier look into the “The Life of A J.E.D.I.” (as the project is set to be called) will detail the everyday life of a young artist on his way to “Just Eating Da Industry”(J.E.D.I.)There are things that are typical of some places. In Philadelphia theres cheesesteaks, sports, and of course the Hip-Hop. Typically, Philly rap consists of drugs, murder,and lyricism. Well in the case of “New-Wave” artist Remoun“Mone the J.E.D.I” Tapper, those things are present but not how you’d assume them to be. In reference to drugs well, the skater, rapper, tattoo, VEGETARIAN, and weed enthusiast, often references the many strains of medi-grade marijuana that he says he’s been fortunate to sample. Being of Jamaican and Syrian descent, its easy to see why he appreciates the herb that he feels helps him unlock his most creative flows. Take one good look at those typically low, red-tinted eyes and it becomes obvious he likes to indulge. Nextly is murder; and we aren’t talking people. No folks, we’re talking beats. The “J.E.D.I.-man” (as he often calls himself) has been known to leave beats massacred after he’s gotten on them. The first one that comes to mind is the “J.E.D.I. So Raw”; done over Tyga’s “I’m So Raw”, the treack got over 23K spins on a well known blog site called “Gorilla”. That leave’s with lyricism. At 22 years of age, he has a flow that can rival many vets in the game; guess thats what a Philly flow OFFICIAL VIDEO >>>

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