LiL Teflon


11211 Rockaway avenue


New York City






Young Teen From New York City Trying To Become A Professional Artist I Have A Passion For Music And I Plan On Taking My Songs To The Next Level Looking Forward To Future Collaborations With Other Artists Still In High School Though People Say I Am A Fashion King Because My Swagger Game Is Crazy I’m In Love With Clothes And Jewelry I Been Rapping Since The 7th Grade But Aint Start Recording Until My Freshman Year In High School I Am Now A Junior I Have A Professional Studio That I Go To Owned By James LordPhat CataPano Who Is A Audio Engineer/Producer And He Produces Some Of My Music And Also Shouted Me Out On Instigram And Took Some Pictures Of Me In The Booth But Not All My Songs Are Recorded In The Studio Some Are Recorded Off My Iphone From This App Called Voice Record Pro Email:[email protected] I Also Battle Rap With A Kid Named DJ Bravo At School Who Works In Staten Island I Promote My Own Music Most Of The Time Temporary Independent Artist Right Now But Have Lots Of Connects Everywhere Looking Forward To Creating A Future Mix Tape Called #Gotta Shine Working On It As We Speak So Ya Look Out For That……

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