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      signal20pk · 15 hours, 26 minutes ago

      are you flossing right now cause this doesn’t come off as instructional

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      QPid · 14 hours, 41 minutes ago

      What stock?

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      Spockis2bold · 2 hours, 10 minutes ago

      No need to floss i live this shit…The best stock on the market that you can get is FLEETCORP look at there 5 year history. I use share builder, but make sure you max out your yearly IRA amount. I was talking about my 401K stock and that depends on which company you use. I have plans in Trowe, Priniciple, and Fidelity so depending on which company you use will determine which mutual funds you will have to pick from. I’m getting ready to go back and get my CPA and financial advisor degree, too many naggas here in Atlanta use to be rich then go broke…… I think I would be able to help a lot of people… After you make that one hit,,, GET AT ME… What other info y’all need? @signal20pk @QPid This is real shit to talk about MAKING money fuck being that dumb ass nigga focused on SPENDING money with everybody laughing at your ass for going broke…

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        signal20pk · 11 minutes ago

        so they take money out of your check that you allot to certain stock options?

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    Tank Quits Music?!?!…

    shocked faces photo: SHOCKED shocked.gif

    Tank posted the following (Via Instagram)

    singer tank photo: Tank 281x211.jpg

    ”If I look tired it’s because I am. I’m deeply saddened and disappoint that “Stronger” will not get a video or the continued promotion it deserves! I’d love to blame @atlanticrecords but that would be a lie! It’s tough for record companies to continue to fund music that people don’t support! I pride myself on giving you real musicianship, real singing, real lyrical content and being true to the music that inspired my very existence. The problem is there aren’t many people left that want to hear it or buy it and if there are they won’t stand up and be noticed! Who am I doing this for? Who am I maintaining this so called integrity for? Not many as u can tell by my first wk sales..lol. The artist that don’t give a fuck sale the most and do the most! Should that be my new route? Maybe I should have been born white then all of my music would go straight to mainstream and pop radio instead of urban ac.. A format that continues to kill the true R&B artist! (Not mad at white artist just to be clear!) What I do know is that i will not continue to be faithful to something or someone that is not being faithful to me. I love you but I have a family. I have a mom and dad just like you. I have goals and dreams just like you. I refuse to work hard for nothing. I look better, sing better, produce better, write better, and perform better than dam near everybody and this is the thanks I get?.. Again I’m not angry I’m just tired.. Please enjoy my last real R&B album “Stronger” cause you’ll never get another one!” #letterfromaking

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      SPOTLYTE · 11 hours, 41 minutes ago

      Dayam I love Tank

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      SPOTLYTE · 11 hours, 38 minutes ago

      He is right, many people who live off the hype is learning that the hype is not paying the bills. This is when eyes open up, yeah it might have been cool to rent cars rent homes and diamonds, but if your can keep them forever what is it all for, to stunt for people who could care less if your eating or not. He is smart and I hope he takes his money and invest it in ventures that will help him regain his integrity.

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      Ebony H · 11 hours, 31 minutes ago

      It’s sad that artist are willing to quit making music, something they have a God given talent to do, because record labels don’t promote their R&B artist properly.

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        TearJay · 8 hours, 21 minutes ago

        Yea his songs are beautiful….he should continue regardless of the level of success…..Ill contiue to make music even if I dont make it…which anyone who makes a song makes it really…even if the content isnt morally right…..they still poured there creativty into it….we may not have 1000 million hits and millions sold but were sharing it with people…If only one person hears your song and it has an impact thats all that matters

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        George Lott · 1 hour, 11 minutes ago

        @ebony most fail to understand that artistry is the gift. ..but it’s called the Music BUSINESS for reason..

        Imagine your boss telling you that you won’t get paid. ..but you should continue doing what you do because you’re good at it…(when you’re responsible for a family)

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      cynaamonjLTL · 8 hours, 47 minutes ago


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      GoldenFleece · 1 hour, 10 minutes ago

      Tank is absolutely right. Why not quit, all the people who don’t want him to quit won’t buy his next project.

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      George Lott · 1 hour, 19 minutes ago

      Madonna uses the ”n” word in this song…(if I heard correctly) ….. I’m guessing it’s okay because Nicki is featured on the record??..

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    Jesus!! I hate writing this,but today we lost one of the H’s in Hiphop as far as I’m concerned,Larry Smith was one of the first names I saw over and over again when I was dreaming of becoming a producer,he made”Sucker MCs”,”Friends”,”Rock Box”,”Together Forever”,”Five Minutes Of Funk” and so much more incredible work,but those beats alone! shaped what you now know as HipHop, to me ,Sonically nothing else has come out as powerful as what you created,may your soul rest in peace

     photo ScreenShot2014-12-19at40223PM_zps0f1859a3.png

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      Spockis2bold · 16 hours, 26 minutes ago

      When they reminisce over your my god..

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      JD · 4 hours, 37 minutes ago

      Ok so @tearjay i posted this earlier, something serious and very near and dear to my heart and it got 1 comment, but you complain about the girls i post and that sparks conversation,thats all im trying to do with every post,my friday girl post brings the G14 fellas closer

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     photo IMG_1702_zpsf952c7fb.jpg

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      signal20pk · 15 hours, 27 minutes ago


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        QPid · 14 hours, 40 minutes ago

        That white chick last night had an ass just like that. I swear Ive been telling everyone about that white chick from last night all day today. lol

        And she could dance. She was popping her ass like Ms. Twerk’sum! I swear.

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          signal20pk · 14 hours, 33 minutes ago

          lol I see that all the time here in florida my friend. I am glad you got to experience that. cause I truly couldn’t understand your dislike for my precious snow bunnies.

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            QPid · 14 hours, 32 minutes ago

            Ive filled out for two transfers for Florida. One in Coconut Creek and the other in Boca Raton. You might see me with a snow bunny if they looking like that down there

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          D-Mac · 14 hours, 16 minutes ago

          ms twerk sum is a stretch q….. lol.

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            QPid · 14 hours, 15 minutes ago

            Naw son! Im sitting here talking about a white chick that I like. U know she was bad lol

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              D-Mac · 13 hours, 44 minutes ago

              where da pics??

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      George Lott · 12 hours, 2 minutes ago

      OMG!!!!!….#Photoshop …Look at the REFLECTION in the door window…is it me…or is this a Case of SHALLOW HAL!!!!!??? lol

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        SPOTLYTE · 12 hours ago

        You are a genius I see that her hair black in the reflection…. this is some fakery …. somehow they always able to fool Jd and he end up fixing they nose ass and waist…. Dayam they know how to get that ninja…… tearsssssss

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        JD · 4 hours, 43 minutes ago

        Yall might be the funniest people on the internet lol

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      Hunit Stackz · 6 hours, 53 minutes ago

      this amazing to me…12 years ago….and it feels like a week ago

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