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"Check out @aspect “Lyrically Untouchable” remix feat. Freeway, Mickey Factz and Memphis Bleek. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ALwqB6m2Uw" · View
  • JD wrote a new blog post: AvatarHulk Hogan Removed From WWE Website After N-Word Audio Surfaces   5 days, 16 hours ago ·   updated 1 minute ago · View

    ThumbnailWOW!! PEOPLE FUCKING THEY LIVES UP The WWE, which made Terry Bollea famous, took down the majority of mentions and video of Hogan from its website and stores Thursday after it was revealed he used the N-word several times in a 2012 radio interview. Hogan was removed from the WWE Hall of Fame page and all of [...]

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      cynaamonjLTL · 5 days, 15 hours ago


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        joyce · 1 minute ago

        Snakes are always snorting dirt, lol

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      joyce · 5 days, 12 hours ago

      Eventually everyone will show their true colors.

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    Been a long time

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      cynaamonjLTL · 1 day, 1 hour ago


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        Stoney Ocean · 21 minutes ago

        Good to see you too! How have you been?!

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      JD · 23 hours, 59 minutes ago

      damn homie where you been ?

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        Stoney Ocean · 21 minutes ago

        Working Real hard, but I’m back! :D

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      joyce · 5 minutes ago

      Haven’t seen you here or fb in a minute. What’s new?

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    Tears are not just for sadness they can also be an expression of joy Sometimes the body might just need a release from all of the emotions that you experience Tears are not a sign of weakness they are an indication of power because if you can cry you are strong enough to withstand anything Sometimes a good cry is all you need to motivate you in your life We all cry whether we admit it or not bottling your emotions only leads to more despair so let it flow down your cheeks and out of your system There is nothing worse than a heavy heart which can’t mend until the tears fall and true healing begins.

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      joyce · 10 minutes ago

      Whether they run down cheeks or pour from one’s being, release and let go.

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    Number 1

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    This is going to be number 1 in the box office! Watch!

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  • JD posted an update:   5 hours, 28 minutes ago ·   updated 23 minutes ago · View

    Exclusive at the wynn

     photo IMG_8075_zpsjqyqtoij.jpg

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      Rose · 5 hours, 19 minutes ago


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      Kim Atwater · 4 hours, 49 minutes ago

      Nice! #salute #oneent #Mrs.#1

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      Stoney Ocean · 23 minutes ago

      I want one JD!

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      BiggVicProducedOrShotIt · 9 hours, 33 minutes ago

      @Jd I remember you had your birthday bash in 2000 at the Hyatt on Peachtree never thought I would finally get to rock with the label 9 years later lol.

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        joyce · 27 minutes ago

        Hyatt Regency is the spot :-)

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          joyce · 25 minutes ago

          Morehouse brings back memories that make me smile too :-)

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    Young Buck links up with Trick Trick for his new joint called Bout That Life a diss track towards Rick Ross.

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  • Cory McClanahan wrote a new blog post: AvatarTrailer: Spotlight Movie   30 minutes ago · View

    Set in Massachusetts, the plot is based on the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered a child abuse scandal involving a local Catholic Archdiocese. Scheduled to hit theaters November 6th.

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    I hope everyone had a beautiful day and that tomorrow will bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams and destinies. God bless, TTYL :-)

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      joyce · 32 minutes ago

      Another sleepless night, but if I gotta take a nap tomorrow afternoon I can :-)

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