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    cynaamonjLTL - "VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!"View
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    ChocolateTiger - "Hey G14!!! Hope all is well! ❤️❤️"View
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    KMonroe - "Ok.soooo this is so random…but I needed to tell I feel like I’ve been celibate the whole 2020 and I was thinking about the best sex I ever had.. TMI…look away. I dont know what does it for you […]"View
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    JD - "@cmack112 whatchu do for your birthday ?"View
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    Artur Leybi - "RIP KMG of Above The Law true westcoast legend and a great underrated MC!!!!"View
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    FIFTH NATION MUSIC - "how are you doing., welcome to my group of friends glad to have you now that you are here you are just that a friend. i don’t have you here just to fill up my page. if i see you on i will stop in to holla at y […]"View
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    illkas - "What’s up Global14… Checkout my top selling Adult Curse Words Coloring Book at"View
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    King JaffeJoffer - "Golden State will close the Nuggets out tonight!!!! #LetGoWarriors #EastOakland"View
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    Mark Miner - "BALL HOGG ENT PRESENTS @MARKMINER VS P.G SKILLET G14 Comment Share favorite like however you show love if you have a youtube. #salute in advance"View
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