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I have a love so deep for music in all forms that as a musician singer/MC myself, I hold it close to my heart to perform to the best of my abilities for you the fan.. As a man i love my family and self before all but God.. I have a great respect for Ladies as I was raised by one.. one love

Da-ill-one aka Dr. Hook is a rappers rapper to the fullest. But as a singer, / ,MC, producer and performing recording artist…well lets just say his style personifies hip hop, rap, reggae ,r&b, soul, rock and is as contagious as his rhymes and original stand alone hooks!.
Having grown up on the east coast, in the Baltimore Maryland’s foster and group home welfare system, Hard times and struggle are no stranger to this enigma of an artist… Having lost both his mother and a displaced father, while staying most of his toddler to adolescent to teen years, with multiple foster families with his brother Antonio Davis, a bright young man was already beginning to cultivate his artistic mind as a copping mechanism for the daily struggles he faced around him… He says and i do quote,..”If it wasn’t for my grandmother, (God rest her soul..), and the big brother who is still today my idol.(R.I.P…I would of never made it out of the struggle i still sometimes face today..” end quote.. Now living in Portland Oregon with his own Family…) heb feels now that he has an opportunity to express his talents and down for collabs with like talented artist and we have provided his information at the top of this bio upon his request..
With hooks breed from pain, joy, struggle, and triumph, with a contagious ebb and flow of melody learned as a musician first, Da-ill-one applies his knowledge of both music and the history of the hip hop game to every breath in what has to be one of the most original ways out today..
Take a listen as he takes us on a musical journey across the genres of hip hop r&b and rap, that will achieve International attention as he emerges from the underground with a vengeance! and so we asked him this…..
.What can a fan expect from these tracks you’ve shared with us?

“Well..”, he says releasing a cloud of green sticky that permeates the home studio area we are relaxing in…”I have some solo tracks on here as well as some of the dopest collabs I’ve recorded over the last few years (and recently lol), from various underground and mainstream artist from around the globe and some brand new releases from my Hitsquad Click Album and my solo released to be titled .. “Da-ill-one.. A Different Beast…” both to be released April of 2011.. I just hope everybody enjoys it..” he smiles humbly…. And for a second i see the glimpse of the reclusive artist that is about to blow! The energy and talent combined is a scary thought as it is when it comes to this game…But when mixed with the Respect and Knowledge of what has come before them, … A true Hip Hop legend can be born.. For more in-depth questions call him yourself his information is at the top of the page…
Don’t take my word for it … JUST PRESS PLAY…Any last words ill? “Alotta Hit Records, The Hitsquad Click.. young Reezy, Da-ill-one Peace and one love….1 love!

Favorite Quotations

‘Live Laugh Love….’The response has been great y’all with over 400 brand new fans and over 8,500 songs plays so far! You guys sure know how to motivate me to keep on keepin’ on… LOL! Love y’all for real tho,, #illone LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE!

‘Nothing Splendid has ever been achieved except by those who DARED believe that something inside themselves was superior to circumstance.’..

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