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Haji Jackson of Dublment

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L. A. Red (Lance Michael) – a Rapper and Drummer from the L. A. music Scene – and Haji Jackson (A. T. Meekins) – a church and gig musician – met in 2006 while playing for a local Band in Honolulu, HI. Both had been writers and arrangers in their own right, but it took no more than a few successful local collaborations, before they decided to team up and form “Dublment” [Dub-el-mint] in 2007. When Dublment entered the music arena, they were two well-versed musicians and writers tinkering with engineering and production as personal hobbies. Since then, they have honed and developed their crafts into a sound that is as competitive as it is their own. Though they had been working consistently with local and regional artists since teaming up, in 2010, inspired by the release and success of “Ey Slim” – collaboration with Bluu Suede featured on his Album “The Resoulution” – they embarked on a mission to share their brand with a broader audience. Powered by individual backgrounds in genres that collectively range from Soul to Rock, Dublment is a synergistic duo of talents dedicated to writing and producing music that moves your body and your expectations. With Dublment, through an informal private network of other musicians, artists, engineers, and music enthusiasts they’ve dubbed “The Shock Syndicate”, you can expect more of the unexpected … in 2011 and beyond.

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University of Hawaii, Manoa, HI (Poli Sci 2006)


Dublment Productions

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