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"I haven’t been on here in a grip! Does anyone happen to have a download link for “They Do” by Fresco Kane? I been looking for one and can’t find it theyre all dead. That song is dope" · View
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    Learn how to empower kids to end bullying at http://www.kidsinthehouse.com/endbull…

    At Kids In The House, we realize that one of the biggest concerns facing parents today is helping their children deal with bullying and the increased pressure of social media and cyberbullying. Children spend an average of 45 hours per week online, much less time than they spend with both teachers and parents combined. ”I’ve been asking myself: why are so many negative comments posted online every day, and how are kids affected by seeing all this negativity?” says producer and director Leana Greene. ”We have to teach our children that words can kill, both in person and online.” Kids in the House interviewed 16 children from the Los Angeles area that have experienced bullying, as well as leading experts, to explore how to stop bullying, and to get clear advice on what to do when it happens. We hope that you will help us share the message.

    Empower Kids to #ENDBULLYING

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      D-Mac · 20 hours, 29 minutes ago

      Cyber bullying is so dumb to me man just log off lol

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        KMonroe · 17 hours, 2 minutes ago

        meanness period! If you dont like something or someone leave them alone! It cost you nothing to pay them no mind. I teach my kids when somebody is being mean to shake their head and say..Im going to pray for you I see your hurting..

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          D-Mac · 16 hours, 51 minutes ago

          No i agree. But ppl gotta learn to ignore ppl

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            KMonroe · 16 hours, 39 minutes ago

            Some people you cant ignore bcz they wont leave you alone..you have to show them you arent affected by their ignorance..

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              David Deal · 16 hours, 25 minutes ago

              Social networks like Facebook are failing to take responsibility for cyberbullying. Those networks create the forum that kids exploit to hurt other kids. Social networks also have social responsibility.

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                Ebony H · 16 hours, 19 minutes ago

                I agree

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                KMonroe · 2 hours, 51 minutes ago

                How can you stop it tho?? @DavidDeal

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                  David Deal · 37 minutes ago

                  Do what Kids in the House is doing: make kids part of the solution. Facebook’s answer to bullying is to create some app for reporting bullying — a classic band-aid solution made by grown-ups who think like grown-ups. Facebook should create a permanent team that includes kids to identify bullying and ways to combat it. Facebook has the reach — more than a billion members — and power to make a difference, if it really wanted to do so.

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                    KMonroe · 3 minutes ago

                    Sounds like an idea that should be pitched to FB!
                    Maybe if there is a standard set to stop cyber bulling it will catch on with other networks as well..I feel these sites should come with age restrictions..
                    The youth are not ready for the cyber world..too much too soon.

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          cynaamonjLTL · 3 hours, 6 minutes ago


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            KMonroe · 2 hours, 59 minutes ago

            I ask my kids everyday..they get so tired of me…I ask if they know someone being bullied…its scary..bcz even if your child is smiling and appearing happy they could be hiding something.

            Its important to pay attention to them..their body language..their friends..their whereabouts..teach them to communicate what they are feeling..especially if they are hurting.

            I think GOD I have confident kids..but even then you have to worry.


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      SPOTLYTE · 15 hours, 22 minutes ago

      I raise my childlings with tuff love…. Momma Momma somebody bullying me online,… I’m gonna say come your ass up off dat computer and do your dam homework, folks got the right to say what they want it’s their mouth and you got the right to ignore it. Now the next time you play the victim you grounded you got the same amount of keys on the keyboard you better bark back or delete that account and watch cartoons wit your ole weak ass. lol

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      Xc0c0 i$LanDX · 9 hours, 18 minutes ago

      Wen I got back on g14 in march last year qpid n his gang tryed to cyber bully me but dey bit off mo den dey could chew I talk shit for a living

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      KMonroe · 2 hours, 57 minutes ago

      Im glad we are having this dialogue about this issue! I have dealt with it from every end. It shouldnt be ignored.

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      Cory McClanahan · 2 hours, 3 minutes ago

      Chi McBride use to always take my size at Undftd and this other store in LA whenever a Jordan would drop. He would go to the store a day early buy like 5 kicks then see me and say oh i got our size go to this spot they have extra 13

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        SPOTLYTE · 1 hour, 3 minutes ago

        A 13 I can get inside one of your shoes crank it up and drive around the city in it.

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    Daymond John on How to Be Successful & Why You Shouldn’t Focus on the Money – GQ’s #NoSweat

    FUBU founder and entrepreneur Daymond John wakes up to nearly 300 emails every day. He explains how he priortizes his busy schedule and why you should never focus on the money when you’re trying to make it to the top

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      SPOTLYTE · 1 hour, 7 minutes ago


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    Halle Berry talks to the WSJ’s Lee Hawkins about her decision to purchase a 50% stake in Swedish lingerie maker Scandale Paris, in a quest to take more ownership of her career. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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      SPOTLYTE · 1 hour, 15 minutes ago

      I simple love her

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      JD · 2 hours, 35 minutes ago


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        KMonroe · 2 hours, 28 minutes ago


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      SPOTLYTE · 1 hour, 15 minutes ago


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    Somebody is in rare form…#Ilikedatish :D ;)

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    Jagged Edge official website is http://jeheartbreak.com

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    Katharine Hepburn called this home

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     photo ScreenShot2014-10-22at125702PM_zpsf8c0d061.png

    Seated by himself on a small couch, Tyga is waiting for his lunch to arrive. The room is eye candy for architects and interior designers: high ceilings, exposed beams and hanging light fixtures contrast antique elements like the rows of Victorian picture frames adorning an entire wall. Then there’s this claw foot tub brought in for him to recreate Tupac Shakur’s iconic almost-nude photo (Pac’s privates are hidden by gold galore).

    Tyga immediately scraps the tub idea. “I just don’t wanna recreate things that have been done,” he says. “Especially something so legendary.”

    A large curtain separates him from two bodyguards perched on stools about six feet away. Tyga’s troop for the day includes his publicist, assistant, nanny, barber, and 2-year-old son King. For a man with an entourage, T-Raww is much more of a recluse than one would assume—or maybe he’s just overdue for some alone time.

    There’s been a lot of emphasis on crew love in Tyga’s space over the years. It was 2007 when Lil Wayne recruited the Compton native to Young Money Entertainment. That was two years before Nicki Minaj and Drake blossomed into Tunechi’s big money brands. In five years, Drake has sold over 25 million albums and singles combined, and topped the Beatles this year for the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100. Then there’s Nicki, the feisty Queens spitter who can go bar for bar with the boys. Minaj signed with Young Money in 2009 and already has more Hot 100 hits than Michael Jackson (Though MJ’s output wasn’t nearly as bloated as today’s artists). She’s the first woman to simultaneously fill the No. 1 and No. 2 slots on the iTunes singles charts, both of her albums debuted at No. 1 and her “Starships” single had a record 21-week run atop Billboard.

    ”[Kanye] was like, ‘If you guys want me to help you produce your albums, and co-executive produce it, I’m here. I just want to help everybody.’”

    By comparison, Tyga has yet to hit his sales stride, despite “Rack City’s” quadruple platinum certification. His third album, Hotel California, released last year, was a commercial flop. But the separation goes beyond stats

    YMCMB couldn’t be more unified. Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug are the new class of Rich Gang affiliates, while Nicki and Drake remain wholly committed to Wayne’s army. At Hot 97’s Summer Jam this year, Drake squashed his rumored micro-beef with Minaj by hitting the stage with her and Wayne. Tyga’s absence from the love fest, as well as the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour (Y.G., was added to the tour for West Coast dates) was a tip-off that Tyga wasn’t top-of-mind at home base.

    Now, as he readies The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, Tyga is demanding attention from his team. Everything about the album—whose title is a nod to Tyga’s obsession with ancient Egyptians—is authentic to who he is currently. This album wasn’t made for the La Marina and Toxic set. As Tyga vaguely explains, it’s more “vibe music.” He’s anxious to get the project out, even if that means publicly criticizing the label. The day after VIBE’S cover shoot, he threatened to leak the LP via Twitter if Young Money didn’t give him a release date.

    YMCMB president Mack Maine shot back through his own tweet, warning Tyga to take ownership of his shortcomings. Minaj then unfollowed him. Days later, he released “40 Mill,” one of the many Kanye West-produced cuts from his new album. Yeah, that Mr. West. He might now have the attention he was looking for.

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      D-Mac · 1 day, 23 hours ago

      This is interesting to me.

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      D-Mac · 20 hours, 54 minutes ago

      This what i was lookin for. @qpid901 @goldenfleece did yall read this interview. This nigga flat out said drake is fake and he dont like him. Lol. Drake then last night went on a liking spree of tyga’s bm instagram pics lol

      • Avatar Image
        GoldenFleece · 19 hours, 50 minutes ago

        I read this and I know that Tyga is real tight with Chris Brown. I remember when that beef was in full swing he was still side by side with Chris Brown. What was really interesting was sitting in on the managers panel at the Revolt conference and hearing Mack Maine basically say they don’t do exactly what Tyga is accusing them of. Lil Twist is beefing with them too. I wrote something a few weeks back on the 14 about how Jae Millz has been with these dudes for almost 9 years and hasn’t dropped one debut album, something is a midst over there at young money. A lot of those artist love Wayne but I don’t think they like the company structure. I would not be surprised if Drake or Nicki end up having an issue down the line.

    • Avatar Image
      D-Mac · 20 hours, 53 minutes ago

      Do yall think tyga is shooting himself in the foot right now? Or is he rich enuff ro not give a fuck?

      • Avatar Image
        QPid · 20 hours, 32 minutes ago

        hes whack so who cares? lol

        • Avatar Image
          D-Mac · 20 hours, 14 minutes ago

          Tyga can make hits tho lol. I dont think hes a great rapper but that boy can whip up a club track like its nobodys business

        • Avatar Image
          repINTLCT$ · 20 hours, 14 minutes ago

          tyga is top 3 mc’s of this generation

          • Avatar Image
            QPid · 20 hours, 11 minutes ago

            • Avatar Image
              repINTLCT$ · 19 hours, 59 minutes ago

              id really like to know your top 3 of this generation tyga is the future

              • Avatar Image
                QPid · 19 hours, 52 minutes ago

                1 Drake
                2 Kendrick Lamar
                3 J. Cole
                345637895643789 Tyga

          • Avatar Image
            GoldenFleece · 19 hours, 47 minutes ago

            HUH???? I can’t go that far lol

            • Avatar Image
              repINTLCT$ · 19 hours, 24 minutes ago

              um just trolling playing devils advocate

        • Avatar Image
          signal20pk · 2 hours, 39 minutes ago

          I agree with @qpid901 who cares? he’s whack

      • Avatar Image
        JD · 20 hours, 22 minutes ago


        • Avatar Image
          D-Mac · 20 hours, 14 minutes ago

          I agree lol. That boy is FULL

          • Avatar Image
            GoldenFleece · 19 hours, 48 minutes ago

            Yeah Tyga got that paper, the homie has pulled together some nice business moves. That Last Kings line is doin well for him.

          • Avatar Image
            JD · 16 hours, 49 minutes ago

            NO!! I’m saying Rich how?

            • Avatar Image
              D-Mac · 16 hours, 19 minutes ago

              Didnt he buy that crib for 6.5 he gotta be seeing somethin off all them tours he been on

    • Avatar Image
      Xc0c0 i$LanDX · 20 hours, 29 minutes ago

      Tyga said he never received a check from cash money he only gets tour n show money that means baby owns his publishing he isent a 19 year old kid no mo he gotta break away n b a man start his own brand

      • Avatar Image
        D-Mac · 20 hours, 13 minutes ago

        Yep. But damn dog ALL the publishing? Shit 80/20 or something if i can keep all my show n tour money

        • Avatar Image
          Xc0c0 i$LanDX · 19 hours, 56 minutes ago

          Publishing only 50% writers make up the other 50% but baby b raping niggaz dat y he b stuntin so hard

      • Avatar Image
        GoldenFleece · 19 hours, 48 minutes ago

        True Indeed.

        • Avatar Image
          Cory McClanahan · 18 hours, 5 minutes ago

          Tyga can rap dont get it twisted lol. Rack City was big then he had the song with chris brown duces

          • Avatar Image
            D-Mac · 17 hours, 30 minutes ago

            He had hits but man what the fuck do he be talkin about cory. Have u ever read the lyrics to the verses on that song faded? He was better off rapping in french

            • Avatar Image
              Cory McClanahan · 17 hours, 14 minutes ago

              Just like young thug wtf is he talking about lol.

              • Avatar Image
                D-Mac · 17 hours, 9 minutes ago

                Exhibit A- Tyga. WHAT?

                 photo F5F7D99A-43BF-4B70-9698-C6B30BA0E2F2_zpszicb00bp.png

    • Avatar Image
      D-Mac · 17 hours, 8 minutes ago

      Exhibit B.

       photo 3D2E582A-D70C-479F-B50C-8B0C88D8A91C_zpsxt2z0rbg.png

  • Thumbnail Celebrating their grand opening yesterday, Jordan Heads Brooklyn is a consignment sneaker boutique at 302 Malcolm X Boulevard in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Distinguishing them from their competitors, Jordan Heads is an Air Jordan-only consignment sneaker boutique founded and operated by Brooklyn native Calvan Fowler. The boutique aims to provide Jordan Heads and fellow sneaker enthusiasts highly in-demand Air [...]

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    Untitled #480
    DKNY t shirt$180 - farfetch.com

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    Giuseppe Zanotti ankle booties$1,455 - giuseppezanottidesign.com

    Michael kors jewelryrevolveclothing.com
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      KMonroe · 19 hours, 3 minutes ago

      the intro on Love Come Down tho…make me feel some type of way…

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      KMonroe · 2 hours, 50 minutes ago

      Okay todays fav ~~>> Things I do for yoU

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    ThumbnailHARD!!! The building itself measures 1,396 ft, making it the third-tallest building in the United States and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Of course, you won’t be living on the roof, so your full-floor, 8,255 square feet palace sits 1,271 feet up. It goes without saying that the views are spectacular from every [...]

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    Morning Loves!!!! ;) TGiFers!!!

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     photo IMG_0845_zps2961f850.jpg

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      KMonroe · 3 hours, 16 minutes ago

      Crazy how i know you..lol

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      signal20pk · 3 hours, 5 minutes ago


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    Thumbnail Magbak is the world’s thinnest  iPad mount, the set of two soft silicone pads magnetically attach to your  iPad, and not only protect it from scratches and prevents accidents due to sliding, but you can also mount it to most metal surfaces if you want to free up your hands. The beautiful minimalist mounting solution is available for all  iPads in several [...]

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