DWEB Black Music Museum


Little Rock/Dallas






DWEB is an open door venture. Meaning that it requires neither payment nor registration to enjoy its exhibits. However, this museum plays keeper for much more than mere music and images. The museum serves as an orator to the history of positive Black progress in America. Black people have contributed far more to American history than slavery and the immoral abuses of the civil rights era. The individuals honored within the halls of the DWEB Black Music Museum, played significant roles in dismantling racial barriers throughout the United States by way of their musical talents.

Favorite Quotations

Music has proven to be more than melodic waves of sound placed behind various words and dialects. Music is a portal to our very existence. It is a source of human immortality that transcends both time and space. Music allows the mind to freely travel in places only known to the heart and soul. It enables us to memorialize life’s special moments which may otherwise succumb to the perils of life itself. Music literally permits us to freeze time in defiance of nature. Through music we’re able to love old lovers, visit with friends mortally lost, and to walk once more in our all but forgotten days of youth and innocence.
Through music we truly live…

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