My name is Jakayla Jackson AKA MAJOR THREAT . I’m 14 years old and I now reside in Orlando Florida, moving from Okinaw Japan 2 years ago. I’ve traveled the world being that I’m a military Brat with my two siblings ( Joche Jackson/ brother)  & Jahnai Jackson/ sister)  My mother Felicia(lisa) Jackson, Cosmetologist/Fashion & Hairshow Coordinator etc.. My Father Johnnie L. Jackson , Retired 2 years ago from The United States Marine Corp, serving 30 years as Master Gunnery Seargant . My Family roots are from Lagrange GA. But most reside in Atlanta and a few moved to Orlando Florida where I currently live  and a 9 th Grader at Ocoee High, where I cheer and play Basketball and in my leisure time I play AAU basketball , I love to dance,  I dance for a HipHop group in Japan and also for The Glamour Diamond girls here in Orlando. . I love to write my own lyrics to my songs and I sing and rap, I’ve performed in a local cafe where Teens hangout and Show their talents. I also sing “Beautiful ” by Mariah Carey at my brother wedding. I love to travel especially to Atlanta, to visit  my brother Joche AKA YungDurty, he is my rap mental, he lives in Atlanta as a hard working young man and he sometime do shows with DJ Unk and etc..for leisure time,  He’s also very  Talented, please look him up .. Google yung durty and here are several songs , “don’t go” .. Car show. ( he’s the shortest guy lol) he inspired me to rap, he’s chased his dreams since he was 10 years old and I to following one of my dreams….I’m a very humble young lady, love to laugh and I love swag ( Fashionista)  …I get along well with others. My mom always taught me, if  you’re turned down, don’t get discourage, you fall but get back up and try again. Never give up and I’m going to keep pressing my way and one day maybe Jermaine Dupree will acknowledge my talent…  God Bless All …AKA  MAJOR THREAT!

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