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  1. UK Ocean says
    21 Dec 10, 11:58pm

    Mo Green be killin em’. Respect.

  2. 22 Dec 10, 12:05am

    Hottest party of the year! Had a blast! JD did his thang on the turntables!

  3. Neneh says
    22 Dec 10, 12:06am

    Go ahead Ashanti, serenade ur man!

  4. 22 Dec 10, 12:11am

    Looks like yall had a GREAT time!

  5. 22 Dec 10, 3:00am

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Teres. Teres said: RT @GLOBAL14: LIVING THE LIFE: NELLY 5th ANNUAL BLACK AND WHITE BALL: [...]

  6. SUNSHINE says
    22 Dec 10, 3:22am

    If you were his gf huh ??? gal please .. lol lol lol CUTE ..

  7. 22 Dec 10, 4:05am

    Hahaha MY Oceans Boysssssss!!! Mo Green couldnt stand after that !! I’m bout to be thinking of b.cox everytime I’m in the club now!!! Too funny!

  8. Sheila says
    22 Dec 10, 6:14am

    Woo Hooo. Nelly Mo. Great cause Black and White Ball. Proud of ya

  9. Oubah says
    22 Dec 10, 6:44am

    Dang Nelly looks soooo happy LOL

  10. 22 Dec 10, 8:05am

    I wish I was there…I see you Ashanti serenading MoGreen!

  11. 22 Dec 10, 9:50am

    looks like everyboy was having a good time…

  12. 22 Dec 10, 6:11pm

    I love Nelly and Ashanti!

  13. 23 Dec 10, 1:12am

    I had a blast that night!

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