Koenigsegg – The World’s Most Carbon Fiber Intensive Cars

In a former fighter jet hangar in Angelholm, Sweden lies the factory for the world’s most carbon fiber intensive cars. Since 1994, Christian von Koenigsegg and his companyKoenigsegg have produced world-class super cars that combine Swedish design with advanced technical innovation.
In the first of nine episodes Koenigsegg gives us a thorough look into the details involved in putting together a sports car made from literally unprecedented amounts of carbon fiber.


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  1. JB says
    11 Jan 13, 10:23pm

    This is hella clean

  2. 22 Jan 13, 7:21am

    This nice, it ain’t coming to the US though. It’s this other Swedish Supercar I’ve been trying to buy. They put me on the waiting list, and everything but they are not here if it will be passed in UE regulations. This like a LTL stamp, because I swear I live it lol

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