Jermaine Dupri’s Vinyl Collection – Crate Diggers


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  1. 28 Nov 12, 4:41pm

    this shit is amazing i would watch stuff like this over and over i wish i had this on dvd but im just like u in a way i sample sometimes and i give my beats away for free so i dont care about the money as long as they can make good music i dig this thanks for posting this

  2. Wayne Will says
    28 Nov 12, 6:04pm

    that’s beautiful…pure essence of music!! I’ll see u in the sudio JD…

  3. WSM.WEST says
    28 Nov 12, 6:27pm

    That is great info in this. Thanks JD.

  4. taybravo says
    28 Nov 12, 6:43pm


  5. 29 Nov 12, 12:32am

    This is why @jd is amazing at what he does.

  6. TERENCE!!! says
    29 Nov 12, 3:05am

    great interview JD! Love hearing about some of your favorite LP and 45 Records! You are right let the buying public decide if a song or album is going to be a hit! I am think about going to Vinyl its something classic about it!

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