Jermaine Dupri (@Mr_Dupri) Interview At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1

  1. 15 Feb 13, 4:35am

    Charlemagne the Shithead is an asshole. JD you’re very relevant playa. Do you know how many niggaz u inspire? Music, advertising, art… Whatever! I still see you. You’re on another playing field and one or maybe three visions ahead than a lot of these muthfuckas. I ain’t trying to blow your head up and shit, but I used to draw but I lost my inspiration but since I started watching LTL and the positivity you convey, I have now figured out how to make money with creativity. I know that’s charlamagnes job to hate because if he was born to be a hater or dick muncher then he need the shit kick out him. You just keep giving us Lifers, Global14ers or whatever the fuck you want to call us, that fuel to keep moving forward playa.

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