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  1. 12 Sep 13, 12:41pm

    I see ya’ll this looks like ya’ll working for a dope album

  2. joyce says
    12 Sep 13, 12:43pm

    Get it!!!

  3. Ronnie says
    12 Sep 13, 12:46pm

    As I look at this pic I think #Legends & #NewLegends can’t get no better. I Wish I could have been in that room just to take in all that knowledge and energy. #WeWorking tho see y’all soon.

  4. 12 Sep 13, 12:56pm

    that’s crazy that’s all the people I fux with musically in one room that’s insane

  5. meltaway says
    12 Sep 13, 2:43pm

    Hi JD. Can you say if this album is going to come out in 2013?? Cannot wait!!

  6. 12 Sep 13, 4:21pm

    Thank you

  7. Dano says
    12 Sep 13, 10:11pm

    maaaaaan… that’s SOOOO dope that all y’all togethaaaa…. errryone knw what dat mean…. FIIIIYAAAHHH comin soon yo!!!! can’t even waaaait! blazzzzzzin shit up!!!!! MC. JD GOTTA MAKE IT KNOCK!!!!!!! JERRRRMACULLAAAAA…!! lol. #L4L

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