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Dondria Mixtape – Duets 3

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  1. 01 Feb 12, 6:27pm

    Thanks JD….

  2. Kia B says
    01 Feb 12, 6:41pm

    Can’t wait to download this!!! I love the 90′s!!!

  3. Tee says
    01 Feb 12, 6:55pm


  4. chassidy says
    01 Feb 12, 6:59pm

    L O V E IT!

  5. Miya says
    01 Feb 12, 7:22pm

    I Love Dondria.. Can’t Wait Till She Drops A New Album

  6. 01 Feb 12, 8:07pm

    DONDRIA this is by far your best Duets mixtape! cant wait to here what you have in store for your sophmore album! #TeamDondria

  7. illkas says
    01 Feb 12, 8:25pm

    Awesome mixtape!!!

  8. BOOKER T says
    01 Feb 12, 9:16pm


  9. 01 Feb 12, 11:23pm

    Ya’ll have done it AGAIN!!! Love it!

  10. KCEO says
    02 Feb 12, 2:31am

    Thanks JD! Great Job Dondria!

  11. Rob says
    02 Feb 12, 3:05am

    Man…Her voice is AWESOME! when I subscribed to JD’s You Tube Posts, and came across the episode with Dondria and heard her voice I was shocked……She is going to rise to the top of the charts. She sings like that in person. Her concerts should definitely sound like her tracks..Im trying to get the first and second Duets Mix tapes.

  12. 02 Feb 12, 3:07am

    If only Dondria could’ve came out in the 90′s, when R&B was getting the recognition it deserved!! My favorite is “They dont know!” I hope this mixtape holds me until your sophmore album!!

  13. Keisha says
    02 Feb 12, 3:25am

    Having playback issues…let me Delete this download & try again! :(

  14. CuteNessa says
    02 Feb 12, 4:00am

    this mixtape is AWESOME!!!

  15. Kaesha says
    02 Feb 12, 4:07am

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 02 Feb 12, 5:14am


  17. Rose says
    03 Feb 12, 5:51am

    Makes me really miss the 90s…. Thanks for taking me back in time. Great mix. :)

  18. Joya says
    03 Feb 12, 10:54am

    Thanks JD

  19. Deontae says
    04 Feb 12, 7:47am

    Love It

  20. Derrell says
    04 Feb 12, 5:06pm

    She sounds great in every song I love her voice

  21. KMonroe says
    05 Feb 12, 1:52am


  22. Tonya says
    05 Feb 12, 3:17am

    How do I download ?

  23. 05 Feb 12, 7:35pm

    make sure yal add &&follow us.

  24. 07 Feb 12, 12:54am

    Great Job!!!

  25. Reese says
    07 Feb 12, 4:30am

    Really nice mixtape — thnx JD!

  26. 09 Feb 12, 9:55pm

    I cannot wait to listen to the whole mix tape!

  27. 09 Feb 12, 11:03pm

    Mannnn this mixtape is something serious and I know we can all agree on that!!!..I love it!!..@Dondria is a major threat to this industry she is super talented…she is gonna be #epic #justwatch

  28. Heather says
    10 Feb 12, 7:58pm

    I looooove it!

  29. Amir says
    14 Feb 12, 7:46pm

    Thanks JD… The Mixtape is crazy man !!! I’m so happy to be a member of your community. It’s all love in here… Peace.

  30. bags says
    15 Feb 12, 2:28pm

    Waiting for download

  31. real says
    17 Feb 12, 1:47am

    Love Dondria, cant wait til the release.

  32. 30 Apr 12, 8:55pm

    Love it :)

  33. 01 May 12, 12:53pm

    Thanks JD !! I didn’t listen but I know it’s gon b the shit !

  34. Shayla says
    12 May 12, 2:37am

    Love it! She’s the hottest singer out right now!

  35. 14 May 12, 7:19am is feelin this ! good work !! lets promote this even further !!

  36. Centrelle says
    14 May 12, 1:48pm

    you go Dria!! I pray i get blessed to be where you are right about now . that is whats up!!
    Centrelle…aka Beyonce’ Lol

  37. Adrean says
    27 May 12, 6:37am

    I killed duets 2 so I know I’m going to love this!!!!!!!!

  38. Deanna says
    19 Mar 13, 11:18pm

    Cant wait to download this album

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