2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes introduces a new 4.0 liter turbocharged V8 engine for the G500; also the output of the G350 and the G63 AMG have been increased. Furthermore all engines have been outfitted with an ECO start/stop function to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. On the cosmetic side, the brand introduces restyled bumpers and standard AMG flared wheel arches for the G350d and G500, new 18-inch alloy wheels for the G350d, as well as a revised instrument panel. As part of a new color package Mercedes-Benz is offering solar beam, tomato red, alien green, sunset beam, and galactic beam combined with black trimmings on the outside, and color matching top-stitching on the inside. If the bulky G-Class really needed neon color options we are not sure, but there is certainly a customer for that. The entire new 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class range is available for order from this summer.

Mike Kalombo Golden Keyz (Coming Soon)

Been working on my new Plugin called the Mike Kalombo Golden Keyz. I’m really excited about this.
I teamed up with Tru Urban to make this happen and they really working hard with me on this Plugin.
Looking forward to share it with you guys soon. More info and details will be available soon! Heres a Gui image below of what to expect. Stay Tuned

Trunkster: Zipperless Luggage with GPS

Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, built-in scale, and GPS.

Rugged yet refined, Trunkster’s singular design is the ultimate blend of form and function. Rather than just adding smart features to existing luggage, we aspired to introduce a game-changing design with our evolutionary sliding door. The last major update to the core design of luggage was wheels. And while many cool new features have been introduced since then, most have failed to improve the actual experience of using luggage.

As avid travelers, we realized there’s a fine line between useful features and superfluous gimmicks. For example, we realized most travelers never use the laptop compartment on carry-ons, opting instead to use a backpack or handbag. With that in mind, every inch of Trunkster has been thoughtfully considered to bring you a well-crafted suitcase that prioritizes utility and versatility in a minimalist style. Above all, Trunkster was designed for true wanderlusters seeking the most streamlined travel experience.



Trunkster lets you charge your phone up to 9 times. No longer will you be one of those desperate people huddled around the only plug in the airport. Trunkster’s power bank is removable and can be used independently of Trunkster to charge your devices anywhere you go. If you need more power, simply upgrade with any USB compatible power bank (only available for carry-on).


Is there anything worse than being told your bag is overweight after you’ve already packed and have an angry mob waiting in line behind you? Say goodbye to the days of standing on your bathroom scale while holding your luggage. Our built-in digital scale works by simply lifting your bag, and can be switched between lbs and kgs.


Now you don’t have to worry about losing your bag, whether it’s unexpectedly gate checked, or you’re checking for a long journey. Trunkster can be tracked from any connected device, and is activated with the push of a button. This feature is available as an upgrade, sold separately (+$40). In order to offer a solution with the best balance of price and accuracy, Trunkster relies on the same technology utilized by Apple’s “Find My Mac.”


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