Google Signs Universal, Sony for On-Demand Music Service

Google Signs Universal, Sony for On-Demand Music Service

Google Inc. has landed licensing deals with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group to introduce an on-demand music streaming service that would compete with Spotify, Rhapsody and others, according to executives knowledgeable with the contracts.

Warner Music Group was the first major record company to sign on to Google’s proposed music service in March. Now, with all three major labels agreeing to license their catalogs to Google, the Mountain View, Calif., technology giant is set to launch its service as soon as this week, sources said. The addition of Sony and Universal was first reported by The Verge.

The new service will be offered by Google Play, the online marketplace that also sells Android apps, games and other digital media, including books, movies, music and magazine subscriptions.

For companies building media platforms such as Google, having a music service is important to offering a one-stop destination for entertainment and information. And with the emphasis on capturing advertising on mobile devices, music services are even more critical because more and more music is being consumed on smartphones and, to a lesser extent, tablets.

Google is racing against Apple Inc., which is buttoning up its own deals with major record companies to introduce an Internet radio streaming service that would rival Pandora. The two offerings are distinctly different, however. Google’s music service would let listeners pick and choose exactly what they want to hear, similar to Spotify. Apple’s service would function more like radio, serving up a random selection of music similar to what users want to hear.



Bree DeLano, also known as DJ 88, is a resident DJ at Insert Coin(s), as well as the venue’s entertainment and marketing director.

Saeed Rahbaran

After a stint in music management and production, Bree DeLano got her start as an open-format DJ in LA. Today, DJ 88 has been going strong for 10 years, seven of which have been in Las Vegas. She’s also entertainment and marketing director—and a resident DJ—at Insert Coin(s), which celebrates its second anniversary this Friday.

How is the Downtown Las Vegas scene treating you? It’s been one of the best experiences of my career, hands down. I’ve been able to book DJs and artists that may not be able to play the Strip, because it just doesn’t fall within that, you know, sort of one-dimensional lane that a lot of the larger nightclubs need to stay in to pay the bills and attract an audience of tourists. There are a lot of music lovers in Las Vegas who want to experience something different, and a lot of the DJs and artists we’ve had at IC, there’s no way they’d be able to play any of those rooms—they’re just too big.

How’d your recent video shoot go? It was nice to do something creative like that. It was an artsy film-noir black-and-white thing for one of the mixes I did. Very cool to create something visually that goes along with the mix. It complements it perfectly. It was time for me to get something shot that shows why my brand is different from other DJs and other female DJs.

What do you mean when you specify “other DJs and other female DJs”? Well, I’m a DJ … I just so happen to be a female. I’m not soapboxing about some bra-burning sh*t right now, but people always tend to put [female DJs] in a completely different category. A lot of female DJs are just straight-up marketing, sort of just actresses. There are a handful of really great ones, but not many that are as versatile as I would like. But there are a lot of sh*tty guys out there, too. Just because the market has become so over-saturated and it’s so easy for anybody to call themselves a DJ and/or get booked to DJ depending on who they know.

Every day there are new subgenres, so to be a true open-format DJ, you have to be really strong in all categories. “DJ” is a word that’s been diluted quite a bit … Vegas is probably responsible for a lot of that just because of the nightclub scene.

And why is that happening? The art has sort of been dumbed-down with easy access to technology, the Internet, and music being so easily accessible, and the allure that comes with being a DJ and how nightlife has sort of turned DJs into celebrities. Everybody wants to be one now. There are a lot of DJs that have come out of the incubator way too soon, without putting in the work.

So, an up-and-coming open-format DJ doesn’t want to end up a hack. How do they earn their stripes? It’s a matter of putting yourselves in the right company and studying and figuring out what you want your individual style to be. Being a true open-format DJ is a difficult task, and it takes years and years to get to the point where you feel like you can tackle any kind of room. I really believe that it’s going to slowly but surely start equaling the popularity EDM has in nightclubs.

There’s going to be a change coming soon. It’s not all house music anymore. Those people that are open format, or want to be, need to step it up right now, because it’s going to be go-time soon. It’s a science; you study it, you learn it and you love it.

Listen to DJ 88 at



These Martinator Watch Cases ($150-$450) can do exactly that. Based on Pelican cases, these custom carriers are available in 4-, 6-, 18-, and 32-watch versions.

KTM X-Bow GT Street-Legal Go-Kart


Austrian manufacturer KTM has unveiled the latest version of their popular X-Bow go-kart. Appropriately dubbed the X-Bow GT, the improved model features an added layer of safety and comfort with a windshield, side windows and doors. A 2.0-liter turbo TFSI engine from Audi provides a whopping 280 horsepower and takes the lightweight vehicle from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 3.9 seconds.

For more information and to order yours head over to the manufacturer’s website.

Abandoned Star Wars Film Sets in the Tunisian Desert


Abandoned Star Wars Film Sets in the Tunisian Desert

Visual artist and filmmaker Rä di Martino visited the Tunisian desert in order to capture the abandoned film set of the legendary Star Wars film series. The project began when the photographer learned it was common practice to leave film sets without tearing them down to let them crumble over time like ancient ruins. With a bit of luck and the help of a local police station, Martino was able to find what remains of Luke Skywalker’s childhood home and capture what you see above.



BlackBerry to Offer BBM as Standalone App for iOS and Android

BlackBerry today announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry Messenger, available to iOS and Android users this summer, with support planned for iOS 6, andAndroid 4.0 or higher. Upon release, BBM customers would be able to broaden their connections to include friends on other mobile platforms.

BBM is loved by customers for its “D” and “R” statuses, which show up in chats to let people know with certainty that their message has been delivered and read. It provides customers with a high level of control and privacy over who they add to their contact list and how they engage with them, as invites are two-way opt-in. iOS and Android users would be able to add their contacts through PIN, email, SMS or QR code scan, regardless of platform. Android users would also be able to connect using a compatible NFC-capable device.

If approved by Apple and Google, the BBM app will be available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Additional details about system requirements and availability will be announced closer to the launch.

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