5 Sneakers Every Guy Should Own


Find out how you can put together a smartly curated sneaker collection (instead of just jumping at every hyped-up new release) as Kith NYC founder Ronnie Fieg and Style Editor Will Welch show you the five types of sneakers every stylish man should have in his closet.

Lupe Fiasco and Google Executive Launch 1Million Entrepreneur Search

Lupe Fiasco and Google Executive Launch 1Million Entrepreneur Search

Neighborhood Start Fund was founded by Lupe Fiasco and Di-Ann Eisnor to turn ideas into start-ups. We need more diverse entrepreneurs bringing fresh ideas and new innovations to life. So, we’ve created a neighborhood-specific fund to support entrepreneurs and start-ups from underserved areas and of course so the best new ideas won’t go wasted. We provide access, network, workshops, mentoring and of course funding.

Our first neighborhood is Brownsville Brooklyn. We’ve just opened the idea competition and the first live pitch event will be November 13, 2015. We will be housed at the Dream Big Foundation’s new entrepreneurship center and cafe opening in January 2015.We want to turn every neighborhood fund into a local micro-economic engine. Proceeds of every successful exit from Brownsville is reinvested into other Brownsville start-ups! And the same goes for each new neighborhood we enter. Our goal is the first $100MM+ business from our neighborhoods!

Source: Start.Fund

Do the Right Thing 2: Do the White Thing

Do the Right Thing is one of the most iconic Brooklyn movies of all time. It came out in 1989 and Brooklyn has changed a lot since then. Now, 26 years after the original, we finally have a sequel that we think does an equally good job of reflecting the spirit and feeling of Brooklyn today.

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