Mishon Talks Working With Jermaine Dupri, His Single “Conversation” Featuring Tyga & More With HHS1987

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The World’s No.1 DJ, Hardwell – Official 2014 Top 100 DJs Winners Interview


This weekend I was in Miami at the revolt music conference,which was very well put together,all the right speakers and in the right city,the surprising thing to me was that, I didn’t see none of the young A&Rs or new known producers,which leads me to question how serious people really take this shit these days,or do niggas just think they know it all,like I never herd jimmy Iovine speak and I wasn’t gonna stay for the dinner,but something in me said,you might wanna go,just to see how he excepts his award,the preparation and his speech alone was a teaching,the things I walked away with and thought about all night was when he said he stepped down at interscope because he felt he couldn’t do anything else inside a record company,coming from 1 of the most successful record execs in the business,that’s pretty serious! Another one was him and his conversation with the head of Intel,he told the guy,what y’all are doing is killing our industry,the guy told him jimmy all industry’s are not meant to last forever,whoa!! That shit hit me pretty hard,Then his conversation he had with the head creator at bose,he asked him how did they tune there headphones and if he had every been in the studio,the guy said no,he called dre and said,its no way can lose,very valuble information,the ask Diddy,talk was very informative as well,he talked about his resilence and dedication to winning,i think thats the first time i’ve ever herd someone say that, my panel was dope because I got to hear timbaland say the same thing I been thinking,about all these new records using the same drum sounds and so much more,if you’re in the business of music or trying to be and you missed this,you should kick your self,haa

Apple Launches OS X Yosemite

Designed to feel fresh, yet inherently familiar, Apple has launched their newest operating system for Mac: OS X Yosemite. Focusing on details large and small, there are obvious changes to big things, like translucency in windows and streamlined toolbars, as well as more subtle changes, like the buttons, icons, and font you see. By adding translucency to certain interface elements in OS X Yosemite, Apple has managed to put a greater emphasis on content. They’ve also redesigned the buttons, checkboxes, and pop-up menus to make the Mac experience feel cleaner and more refined. Additionally, Apple has simplified the appearance of the Dock and its icons to provide a more consistent look and feel. Furthermore, fonts have been refined systemwide to be more legible and consistent across the Mac experience.


The fastest way to find things on your Mac also got better, Spotlight now pulls information from new sources like Wikipedia, news sites, Maps, iTunes, movie listings, and more. The search system has been redesigned to appear front and center when you open it, allowing results to appear in interactive previews that let you view a document, send an email, and even make a phone call.

Upgrade for free at the Mac App Store.

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