Tacos at your door, Taco Bell to test delivery

Taco Bell may be taking fast food to a more convenient level.

Instead of having to drive to your local taco place, the chain will soon be testing out how to bring the tacos and nachos to you.

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According to CEO Brian Niccol, Taco Bell plans on testing a delivery service, Huffington Post reports.

Niccol told National Restaurant News last month that the company has not come up with the how the system will work, but some sort of delivery service will be tested late this year.

The Houston area does have Taco Bell catering and it is expected to be expanded to two or three more markets in time for football season, NRN reported.

Earlier this year Taco Bell added a new line of biscuit tacos, Bloomberg reported, trying to take some of the breakfast dollars away from traditional morning go-to fast food restaurants like McDonalds.

The company is also going to be testing Cap’n Crunch Delights, “warm, light pastries coated with fruity Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal,” Bloomberg reported.

Music piracy fears

Despite the endorsement, some musicians have claimed that the expense of Tidal subscription could tempt listeners “back to pirate sites.”

Last week, British pop singer, Lily Allen, went on a Twitter storm about how the premium service would increase music piracy, which she said the cheaper Spotify was helping subdue—its most expensive “premium” service costs subscribers £9.99 ($14.84) per month.

On March 30th, Allen tweeted that whilst she loved Jay Z, Tidal is “expensive compared to other perfectly good streaming services” and that he’d taken the biggest artists and “made them exclusive to TIDAL (am i right in thinking this?), people are going to swarm back to Pirate sites in droves… sending traffic to torrent sites.”

“Up and coming (not yet millionaires) artists are going to suffer as a result,” she added in a later tweet.

After tweeting, the singer was inundated by comments, with some Twitter users agreeing that the service was too expensive.

One user called Erica Burton replied: “I don’t think jay z knows how much stuff costs. Like if I asked him for money to buy a banana he would give me $40.”



Jay Z faced a mixed response when unleashed the hashtag #TIDALforALL on Twitter to promote the service on March 30th, which offers over 25 million songs and 75,000 videos to those “who care about quality.”

Co-founder of Simple as Milk, a “user-experience agency”, James Seymour-Lock tweeted that it was “Ironic that these artists moan about pirated music then rip off @Spotify’s hard work.”

Twitter user Adam Bennett tweeted: “Tidal is way too expensive! $240 a year is absolutely ridiculous – it just makes the already rich even richer.”

Indiana Pacers forward Chris Copeland stabbed outside 1 OAK club; two Atlanta Hawks arrested in aftermath: NYPD sources



A former member of the New York Knicks now playing for the Indiana Pacers was stabbed in the abdomen — and his wife slashed — during an argument outside 1 OAK club in Chelsea early Wednesday, cop sources said.

Chris Copeland’s attacker was arrested, and two members of the Atlanta Hawks, Pero Antić and Thabo Sefolosha, were also booked, for trying to prevent police from setting up a crime scene, the sources said.

A second woman was also stabbed amid the fracas, which happened shortly before 4 a.m., as the popular club on West 17th St. was preparing to close. An argument erupted as Copeland, the other victims and the suspect were leaving, the sources said.

The man who was arrested, Shezoy Bleary, 22, pulled out a knife and stabbed Copeland, 31, and slashed 28-year-old Katrine Saltara, described by investigators as Copeland’s wife, in the arm and leg, the sources said.

The second woman, Catherine Somani, 53, was slashed in the abdomen, the sources said.

Pero Antic, of the Atlanta Hawks, was also arrested.

Copeland came to New York because the Pacers are playing the Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. The Hawks, meanwhile, will tip off against the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center on Wednesday.

Copeland and Saltara were rushed to Bellevue Hospital and were in stable condition, the sources said. Somani was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital.

When police arrived at the scene, they busted Bleary and recovered a knife, sources said. Charges against him were pending.

Sefolosha, 30, and Antić, 32, refused to move when police tried to set up a crime scene, the sources said. They were charged with obstructing governmental administration.


Thabo Sefolosha, also a player on the Atlanta Hawks, was arrested along with Antic for allegedly blocking police as they tried to set up a crime scene.

A police source said that Somani is a friend of Bleary’s and was with him when the argument broke out. It is believed that she was slashed by accident, the sources said. “She was with him, and in the course of what he was doing, (he) slashed her in the abdomen,” the source said.

Copeland, a 6-foot-8 forward from Orange, N.J., played 56 games with the Knicks during 2012-2013 season, his rookie year.

In July 2013 he signed with the Pacers as a restricted free agent, inking a two-year, $6.1 million contract.

Sefolosha and Antić had been in the city no more than a few hours before the incident, as they spent Tuesday night in Atlanta, scoring a combined 32 points to help the Hawks beat the Phoenix Suns.

Video Shows Officer Michael Slager Shooting Unarmed Black Man In The Back In South Carolina


A white South Carolina police officer was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday after video showed him fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed black man in the back.

North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, 33, can be seen shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott after a confrontation on Saturday, according to The Post and Courier. Slager chases Scott and shoots at him eight times in the video recorded by a passerby and obtained by The New York Times.

Scott died there, though it wasn’t clear if he died immediately.

The graphic video raises questions about Slager’s original assertion that he used his gun because he felt endangered.


Young Thug Announces ‘Carter 6′ Release Date, Unveils Artwork

Via Complex.com

In another move that proves he’s not bluffing, Young Thug has unveiled the artwork (above) and announced the release date for Carter 6 on Instagram. Thugger’s newest project is set to drop April 17, meaning we’ll likely get his take on the Carter series before Lil Wayne’s own Tha Carter V.

Young Thug first announced his next project’s title last month. Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, wasn’t happy about it, calling the move “childish” and “disrespectful.” At the very least it’s instigative, considering the beef between his idol Weezy and frequent collaborator Birdman shows no sign of deescalation. Reports indicated Lil Wayne was dropping his lawsuit, but it was just moved to New Orleans.

Snapchat Debuts ‘Friend Emojis,’ Low-Light Camera Button

Who do your friends snap the most? Snapchat’s replacement of the “Best Friends” list with “Friend Emojis,” released on Monday, gives users new clues into their friends’ social habits.

In the past, the Best Friends list revealed which usernames people snapped most often. Now, the app uses a series of emojis to categorize users’ relationships with each other as well as users’ mutual friendships. The Los Angeles, Calif.-based company announced the change in a post on the Snap Channel of Discover, its news and media feature that launched in January. The emojis aren’t necessarily intuitive labels. However, they do give users more ways to track their socializing patterns and those of their friends’.

The app used photos of Beyoncé with other celebrities to explain each emoji. A gold heart means two users both snap each other more than they snap any other person; a grimacing emoji means two users send more snaps to the same third user than they do to any other user; a sunglass-wearing emoji means two people have a best friend in common and send many snaps to this person; a smiling emoji indicates that a friend is among the people a user snaps most often; a smirking emoji means the friend sends many snaps to the user, but the user does not send many snaps to that friend; and the fire emoji means two users have been snapping each other for consecutive days.

Snapchat also added a “Needs Love” section to show which friends you haven’t been snapping as much as you did in the past. In addition, the app made an image and video brightening button in the shape of a crescent moon to improve shooting in dim lighting.

The messaging service’s latest round closed last December, when it raised $485 million, giving it a valuation of more than $10 billion. Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, plans to invest $200 million in Snapchat at a valuation of $15 billion, according to reports earlier this month. Last month, Snapchat was aiming to raise about $500 million in its next roundBloomberg reported, citing people close to the matter.

For years, the app’s security and privacy policies have fallen under scrutiny. In 2013, the FTC launched an investigation challenging the service’s claim that it offered “disappearing” photos and videos. Snapchat ultimately settled with the FTC, creating a comprehensive privacy policy to protect user information.

Snapchat also announced several new security and privacy changes in a Medium article last week. The company has joined FacebookGoogle GOOGL +0.15% and Yahoo YHOO -0.11% in reporting the frequency of requests for user content and information from government agencies, is expanding its “bug bounty program” and aims to completely ban third-party apps, according to Medium.

“We actually consider it a competitive advantage that we care that much about users’ privacy and security,” Snapchat’s vice president of engineering Timothy Sehn told Medium. “We care enough to delete their data. That is something that most companies don’t do because that data is valuable.”

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