Jermaine Dupri (@JermaineDupri) Talks About Jay-Z NFL Deal With Big Tigger (@BigTiggerShow) On V-103

Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox sat down with Big Tigger to clear the air and respond to the comments dealing with the NFL. Jermaine also opens up about how hurt he was when he was receiving backlash. He also mentions that he has spoken to Jay since the infamous clip of him being “passed kneeling” was released.

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  1. @JD I’m sorry about that Tweet Bro but I was being honest with you, out of respect for you. But I know you didn’t like hearing the truth or even want to talk to a nigga that ain’t trying to use you…. I have seen this before, Jay Z got that bag so even if that nigga really did call you and told you not to fuck with the NFL, because he got that bag you are not going to say anything about it, I get it. All of black entertainers are getting pimped, between screaming music services and sports and what are we doing about it? Why can’t we own and control our talent?

    Puffy is having a conference here in Atlanta changing people $200 to hear niggas talk, all so they can get another pay day. A TOTAL WAISTE OF TIME AND MONEY, We need to make our own industry AND STOP trying to be apart of theirs… IF you are a male reading this understand that THEIR industry is going to have you having sex with other men… they can have that shit.

    We need real leadership and money and pride are the reason why we can’t get things done.. Jay Z is the new Jessie Jackson!

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