Drake’s “Homecoming: The Lost Footage” Movie Featuring Jas Prince

Back in 2009, Drake performed a show in Toronto at Sound Academy just before he signed with Lil Wayne and Young Money. Until recently, the footage was thought to be lost or destroyed. Thankfully, it has been re-discovered and turned into a feature film titled Homecoming that is set to hit theaters next week. Along with the footage of the show, the film will also include interviews from Jas Prince, who is credited with discovering Drake, and his father J. Prince, who was also influential in the process.

With the release of the film drawing near, we bring you an exclusive clip from the film where Jas talks about first introducing Lil Wayne to Drake’s music and putting them on a phone call together that lead to Drake eventually being signed by Young Money. “Wayne told me he sucked,” Jas Prince says in the clip. “He was like, ‘Jas, don’t play me that shit no more. He’s not good.'”

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