With basically 1 day left before the release of “The Art Of Letting Go” on Mariahs FaceBook page, i thought it was important to share with my Lifers,things i’ve learned through this exercise,First off, as big as FaceBook is,when it comes to music people still question how much ground will actually get covered,ive gotten messages every day from lambs like this.(Mariah’s fanbase isn’t like Biebers in that it isnt full of teenagers who sit on Itunes. Many of them are old skool and need to be exposed to the song on radio first to want to support her,so while the Facebook premiere will attract a lot of die hard fans, many more fans will only be exposed to Mariah by airplay and that is what will drive up her iTunes position.) via @meltaway

If your a member of Global14 or a Jermaine Dupri follower than you should know how much i believe in direct connect and how long i’ve been talking about this,i learned the strength of this when i signed Dondria,when people follow you,subscribe to your page or like you,their sending you a very important message,its your job to pay attention and understand what that is.

Before i approached FaceBook about this, i was wrecking my brain trying to think of something to do, that would hit all of her lambs at once,its not many things that can do that,but FaceBook can,to all of the lambs sending me messages,i hope you fully understand this,lets just say if Mariah only had 1 million followers (for laughs) on monday at 11 am each one those million people will recieve a notification of exactly whats going on,REMEMBER!!! this is 1 million people that won’t this notification

The 2nd thing i learned is that internet education is still way down,from the Record labels,Publishing companies,Artist and PR,they still don’t address these content controllers the way they should,and artist of the MC level still don’t use FaceBook to their i’m writing this, I’m praying we have all the signatures and legal information taken care of cause just yesterday shit was going crazy!!and with out me going into details,as much as this may sound like its been done before, it really has’nt

On monday 11/11 at 11 am around the world, you will be able to buy the song,listen to the song and ask Mariah question on her FaceBook page, i hope to see you there


  1. I Believe that this will go well @JD. You are a very smart business-minded individual that works your way around things so I’d have no choice but to respect you for that! You are doing well, I hope MC is too. #MC1111

  2. JD you’re doing a great job! I love how you keep your ears to the streets. I agree Radio is crucial. As is Youtube (a lyric video should be ready for 11/11). I will never understand why Mariah’s music video’s come out weeks after the song is released. That’s so ’90s. The kids want instant gratification these days.

    I think it’s important to take a look at what went wrong with the “Memoirs” promotion. It was scattered and not very well planned. Many ppl didn’t even know she had a new album out after ‘Obsessed’. The key is promotion, and with that GREAT LIVE PERFORMANCES. And viral videos (like the Jimmy Fallon raw performance).

    SNL, Arsenio, Letterman, Leno, Ellen, Kelly&Michael, The View. Let’s get her out there and build her brand back up!

    I think there is also a huge fanbase out there that will buy the album if she has songs written and produced with Walter Afanasieff. Like yourself, he and MC created absolute magic together and may still have some magic left. The fans of old (if they hear a song produced by them) will eat this album up. It doesn’t need to be WalterA heavy but just one or two songs would satisfy us all.

    Thanks for giving your all for MC and dem lambs!

  3. @JD Your experience on this subject will definitely help MC with her latest single and album. It is absolutely crazy that no one has ever tried to debut their single on Facebook before now. Everyone (including mothers/grandmothers) has a Facebook page, even if they don’t use it daily, it’s the only place where “The Art of Letting Go” will debut. Genius marketing strategy.

  4. Social Media is IMPORTANT to use since we’ve come to the internet age.
    I agree, Memoirs flopped because the promotion lacked. Not to mention the release of singles!!!!!! Making a hit single takes millions of dollars. You have to make sure the single is a SMASH. With Memoirs Mariah released possibly the worst singles to promote the album. Those singles didn’t represent the album as a whole. Those singles took away from potential consumers.
    What Mariah needs to do is hire everyone who helped promote The Emancipation of Mimi. . . Or me to pick what singles that should be released.
    Im sure the single is going to be a hit!

  5. Hey JD.

    I hope you are leading mariah in the right direction and so far I have been impressed with the promotional work you have done for her to The art of letting Go.

    I am not in the music industry so my opinion is not professional but i have been a dedicated mariah lamb since the very beginning and i am heavily involved in the Lamb world.

    From speaking to other lambs on a daily basis. This is the information I’ve gathered

    – Many lambs have felt that Mariah has lost touch in releasing QUALITY Music. Although my personal opinion is that i loved Imperfect angel but that album did not release quality singles. Single Quality choices are important.

    – Many lambs feel that Mariah needs to tone down her sexiness.. The reason for this is because we have such high respect for Mariah that they feel that her being overly sexy cheapens her legendary music status. Her sexiness is not the reason why we became lambs and her sexiness is not the reason why she became a Legend. Many others in the music industry need to be sexy because they do not have any talent but mariah has the talent so She does not need to resort to that to stay relevant.

    – EVERY SINGLE LAMB I have spoken to wants Mariah to do RAW performances. Every lamb i have spoken to say they Want Mariah to just do a show where she Either just sings ACOUSTIC Or with a very small band.

    The fewer the instruments the better! YES These is a HUGE HUGE HUGE demand for this J.D. If you do not believe this. Please ask yourself why Mariah’s All i want for Christmas with Jimmy fallon video went viral on Youtube! Those Kind of performances is what Lambs want! Just Mariah.. Raw! Many lambs including myself feel like Her Band and Backing track drowns Mariah’s voice out. We often can Barely hear her voice in the heavy production which is why there is such a huge demand from lambs for Raw or acoustic performances.

    – ALL LAMBS WANT HEAVY promotion!!! PLEASE GO HARD ON PROMO JD! i see you are already going hard on the promo in social media which is a step in the right direction.

    If you are reading this JD! Please take what i written into consideration. This comment is written by a dedicated lamb who has followed mariah since day 1 and is written by someone who knows Mariah’s fanbase extremely well.

    I hope The art of letting go is a success and does well. I can’t wait till tmrw to hear it.

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