1.The first thing i learned is that people have little to no education about the internet,which is the most amazing thing in the world to me,people check their Instagram and twitter before they even brush their teeth,but when i said the most facinating thing about this collaboration,was we had over 1 million endgagments, i received mulitple messages like this

En-gage -occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention)
So the answer to that question is just that,Men lie,Women lie Numbers dont

2.I never really understood when someone told me along long time ago, that you have to tell people something 10 times before they get it,and then just maybe on the tenth time they will understand,until this.
In every interview and every mention, i said this was a FaceBook 24 hour exclusive,but as soon as it posted, i got a shit load of tweets asking why its not on Vevo,and why isn’t this on twitter,i guess since music has become so none exclusive people don’t understand stuff like that
3.Things are much harder than they’ve ever been for singers now, since rap dominates the industry and djs are making just as much if not more,than true performing artist
The way the public is use to records being released,caters more to rappers and djs for instance, a rapper with a hit record or that right buzz and no plan,can do whatever the fuck he wants to do and still sell,
4.With a artist like this people really show their addiction to retro,they look for and expect to see everything thats been done in the past (IE) physical copies,and this is not just the older fans,their excited about the future but don’t trust it, so as much as I’m anticipating the arrival of flying cars and the players on NBA2K coming more to life,the plan for Mariah has to be a ballance of both
5.How hard it is to make people understand you have a plan,Staying focus is a must


  1. Let’s bring back physical singles!! I am a collector of MC singles 🙂

  2. This is great. More people need to see this!!

  3. All she needs is one stripped down performance with just a piano and some candle light at a major awards show and people will love this song Adele style! I hope there are more songs like this on the album because that’s what’s going to sell in the long run (as long as people HEAR them). If she’s going the neo soul route then why not work with some of the people that Amy Winehouse collaborated with?

    If only she would reconcile with Walter Afanasieff and write one or two beautiful songs with him…I know that it would result in a million seller song! The magic those two have together is indescribable. An MC album with JD AND WalterA would be what the true fans have been waiting for for a DECADE. (Well…since Daydream….)

  4. JD!

    This release and the way you’re handling it is real exciting and different from the usual music single campaign and I think fans that also have an interest in the business side of music and entrepreneurship in general (like me!) are real curious about certain aspects about the unique approach you’re taking with “The Art of Letting Go”.

    The fact that I can reach out to you (virtually) directly like this is a little mind-blowing and I think it shows a lot of initiative of you to try to harness that directnessof new media. I know you’re a busy guy, but if there’s any chance you can let us know about some of the things below, that would be awesome and another showcase of the power of social media to engage fans with artists, music, and business in general!

    – Your business relationship with Mariah is described as you being her “manager” but she prefers to say that you have “merged” and it had me curious how literal she is being when she says that. If that’s true, does this mean Mariah has a stake in your projects like Global14?

    – What promotional consideration did Facebook provide for the 11.11 event and/or the single, if any? You mentioned before about Facebook sending notifications to people about the event, did this happen (I wasn’t available to actually attend the listening party myself, unfortunately)? If so, what form did these notifications take? Did Facebook provide advertisement or promotions for the event/single/Mariah?

    – Was there a particular goal you had in mind going in with this exercise? For instance, did you have a number of engagements or some other metric in mind that you hoped to surpass? Was this meant to drive sales of the song directly? Or was this more of an exploratory project, simply to see what impact if would have?

    – How did this project evolve from initial conception to its implimentation? How close did its execution line up with your initial vision of it?

    – Is the impact of this approach something that can be measured currently by the Billboard charts? For example, will the many streams and engagements on Facebook be taken into consideration in Billboard’s chart formula?

    – Do you know if Mariah’s public appearances this week, post-release, have been influenced by “the Facebook approach”? Is there any difference in her presentation in public events and media because of this?

    I could go on, but I thnk I’ve asked plenty. These are the kinds of questions I wish more journalists would ask and the fact that I can even ask you these myself just validates the power of social media.

    Thanks and good luck!

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