Ryan Leslie speaks & performs at IdeaLab! 2013


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    This is a dope way of keeping in touch with your fans and seeing where your fans come from

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    Ok, I see you did see my post.

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    @JD – Two initial comments that come to mind.

    1) Return on Investment (ROI)
    2) Actifan vs. iTunes

    1) I can’t imagine that getting something like this out to [a global] market would be ‘cheap’. Although I concur with the with added benefits of consumer / customer insights from a business perspective, I have doubts about the reach of an ecosystem like this without spending an absolutely huge amount on marketing / execution strategies which raises the question, how quickly (if ever) will the business generate an ROI?

    2) In order for this to ‘turn the music industry upside down’, it will need a significant amount of consumer / customer uptake (considering the B2B and B2C paradigm that RL has created with this). In order to achieve this uptake (in today’s world), artists will need to ask themselves:-

    iTunes: Pay 30% for distributing material on a pre-established platform across millions of devices accessible globally OR


    Actifan: Pay an arbitrary amount for distributing material on a platform with a very limited reach but with added consumer insights / business intelligence.

    I think the jury is still out there on this one, but certainly something I’d like to hear more about as the project develops.

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    @JD very interesting and innovative. These type of ideas have been out since u was in college. Colleges used this type of idea with students across campus. Ryan took it to the next level. People say it’s. It the norm when it’s first introduced to the public, but it’s again nothing new. I agree with DJ Smoov comments as well. The artists pockets the money as an independent. If more artists linked their own and or team up with the same concept cutting out the top and the middle and sometimes the bottom man iTunes will cut its cost. Who knows what the future holds. Thanks for sharing that video. I have a lot to think about.

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    I don’t think Ryan Leslie is trying to compete with iTunes. ActiFan app allows you to monetized your hardcore fans to the fullest. Those fans that are first to buy your album and pay tickets to your show. I think it’s meant for artists that are selling less than 100K albums a year because every dollar counts at that level. For example, how many people know Dondria has a new album coming out soon at this point. Only her hardcore fans maybe 5000-10000 people. So Ryan is saying why give iTunes 30% on those core fans. Why not have the ability to increase your products sales to that hardcore base. If you have a song that breaks out beyond your core, you can use Itunes all the other services because that’s where the general fans is going to go.

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    Talib Kweli just used this for his new album pre-order.

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