Forbes 2013 Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists List

Forbes have just released their annual Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists list and Diddy is #1 for the third straight year. His estimated wealth is $580 million, which comes mainly from his profitable deal with Ciroc.

1. Diddy – $580 Million
2. Jay-Z – $475 Million
3. Dr. Dre – $350 Million
4. Birdman – $150 Million
5. 50 Cent – $125 Million


  1. Profile photo of Magoo

    Top 4 Average gap of over 100 Mill. Let me get on board with @JD & watch how he too can be on that list.

  2. Profile photo of TOBIAS

    Funny how Birdman lives like he got all the top4 money combine…LOL

    Also, I would think 50 is higher than 125m..

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