So I’m here at #tcweek in Vegas for the downtownproject,the most interesting and disturbing thing about being here is the fact that once again,there’s not one ceo,no executive not one person from the music business,but me.
Now you’re probably saying to your self, why should they be there ? First off,music is the top thread in all tech companies,events,software ect….and this is the main reason why the music business is so behind in the tech business, Second,Tony Hsieh is on a mission,to make downtown vegas as tech cool as SF,he’s building hotels,with sound stages in them,night clubs,bars,all things that can’t live with out music. It’s so funny reading people’s comments about me coming to things like this,when every business is being disrupted by tech. Did you know that,Blockbuster had an opportunity to buy Netflix for 50 million, they didn’t and now BLockbuster is BankRupt,Pay attention !!

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    Dope shit!

    I completely agree with you but just to add on, there’s not enough blacks in this culture as well. Remember black planet came before myspace and the rest followed. The downtown project provides another element to Vegas that I LOVE! I’m currently working on a project that takes the search out of searching by marrying social media with the search engine. Bing is experimenting with it and google is trying to do it with google+. We know the saying, ” you could be too damn smart for your own good” well thats them. I believe it’s simple just like 1+1=? This benefits brands(celebs) that use social media to max their market. Brands(celebs) only reach 20% of their fb fans and 13% of their twitter followers. I created a system that will max their efforts by 50% or more. I dont know I could be right, if your passion for the music game has transmuted into tech, allow me to present to you. You’re in Vegas right now, so it’s perfect. I promise I will not waste 5 mins of your time.

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